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Holocaust Day is Hutton Eve - poem

Tony Hillier | 27.01.2004 17:11 | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

An 18 line poem the peace and justice campaigner author was moved to create after attending a Holocaust Memorial in Swindon on 27 Jan - just one day before Hutton reports on death of weapons inspector Dr David Kelly

Holocaust Day is Hutton Eve

on Hutton Eve
we’re asked to believe
that unblemished Blair
will remain Leader to stare
wide-eyed in disbelief
that we’ve caused him such grief
over war – his democracy thief
with imaginary weapons
civil servants extruded like factory fodder
revealing unlearned Holocaust lessons.

whatever Overlord Hutton decrees
we’ll never forget : imprecision bombing,
friendly fire, massacred media,
staged impromptu statue-toppling
and Private Benjamin capers

yet, we’ll clasp truth that frees
like Camp Zero libertees
whom nobody sees

Tony Hillier
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