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John & Yoko fundraising for Gaza Convoy

hatsoff | 26.08.2010 14:20 | Flotilla to Gaza | Palestine | Liverpool | World

Friday 27th August from 12pm

Give Gaza a chance!

This Friday 27th August from 12pm John Lennon and Yoko Ono look a likes
will be protesting in Church Street, City centre with Merseyside Stop the
War Coalition to raise awareness of Liverpool's Viva Palestina Aid Truck
which will be filled with medicines and food to be delivered to the
beleaguered people of Gaza by Scouse driver Mark Holt.

The Aid Truck will join a convoy of 100 similar vehicles which leaves London
on the 18th September for Palestine. The convoy is organised by Viva
Palestina which is a UK registered charity, charity number -1129092.

We believe that the original "peace activists" John & Yoko would be proud
that a person from Liverpool is willing to take aid to the Palestinian

All they need is love! All they need is medicines! All they need is food!
All they need is love!

The siege of Gaza has now entered its third year. The economy in the coastal
strip has collapsed and unemployment is running at over 55%. A recent UN and
World Health Organisation report found that 46% of Gaza's households are
food insecure and that 10% of children are chronically malnourished.

The situation is desperate and a major humanitarian crisis is unfolding.
Israel will not even allow cement or other building materials into Gaza to
allow the people there to rebuild their shattered homes, schools and
hospitals that were destroyed by Israeli bombs during Operation Cast Lead
last year.

The convoys aim is to challenge in front of the eyes of the world Israel's
illegal and barbaric siege on Gaza. The word illegal is the word the United
Nation's uses to describe the blockade. By the time the convoy reaches Gaza
the intention is to have over 500 vehicles, the largest land convoy ever,
arriving in Gaza at exactly the same time as a new bigger flotilla of 60

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