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Squatting not yet banned in NL

krakengaatdoor | 07.10.2009 16:24 | Free Spaces | Repression | Social Struggles | World

A quick note on the situation in the Netherlands today, where the ban on squatting was being discussed in Parliament. Apologies for any inaccuracies, I think I translated stuff right..

After a full day of debate in the Tweede Kamer (the Dutch equivalent of the House of Commons), there has been no decision reached on the banning of squatting (kraakverbod) but it now looks quite likely.

The three parties in favour of banning - CDA, ChristenUnie and VVD have now allied with the PVV to get a probable majority of 77 seats out of a total of 150. The PVV have joined the wanker coalition now that their demand to strengthen for the penalty for opening an unused house has been met. The punishment for the 'crime' of squatting has been putatively raised from a four month sentence to a year in jail.

The Cabinet will not resist the proposal but the left-wing parties are still opposing.

The debate will continue soon, so far no date has been set. It's possible if the law gets through the Tweede Kamer and then the Eerde Kamer, squatting could be banned at the beginning of next year...

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