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Sheffield Social Centre: Eviction and Relocation

Sheffield Social Centre | 07.10.2009 13:56 | Free Spaces | Sheffield

As reported on Sheffield Indymedia, yesterday (6th October) at 1pm the residents of the Social Centre at Pisgah House received notice of an injunction brought against them by the University of Sheffield at Sheffield County Court earlier that morning, and summons for a Possessions Order hearing that afternoon at 3pm.

Spokespersons were delegated to attend the hearing and ask the judge for more time to study the documents presented to us, and seek legal advice an representation. At the hearing the judge granted an adjournment until 10am today (7th October) to allow the residents time to study the evidence against them.

At the hearing this morning a plea was presented in defence of the residents, countering the arguments made in the witness statement to the court, but was not able to challenge the possessions claim. In addition, the University’s barrister was instructed to ask the court for costs and damages to be awarded, totaling over £20,000 in legal fees. The judge awarded those damages, however it is currently unclear if they will be pursued further.

Subsequently the residents have exited the premises and relocated to a secondary location.

An announcement will be made tonight with details of the new site, and possible amendments to the schedule of events.

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