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Video of Birmingham ESF meeting

undercurrents | 31.03.2004 16:13 | European Social Forum | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham | London

“The World Social Forum will always be a forum open to pluralism and to the diversity of activities and ways of engaging of the organisations and movements that decide to participate in it”

Here is a video of the announcement of the changing of the ESF UK assemble (organising committee) from Chris of the SWP and Javier of Indymedia. The is no other video of the meeting as the was a non-concesed decision not to allow videoing after one point. This re-accruing theme needs to be addressed. - as it clearly says in the ESF principals the openness is a key at every stage of the process.

Very reasonable proposals have been put fowered to allow people who don’t won’t to be filmed to have there wishes respected. The organising process seams unable to engage with this issue.

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