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Eleven suspected animal rights extremists arrested

james | 11.05.2006 08:49 | Animal Liberation | Birmingham

More sensationalist crap from the BBC. The police were going on a fishing raid seeing what they could find by raiding people involved in legal animal rights campaigning.

More sensationalist crap from the BBC. The police were going on a fishing raid seeing what they could find by raiding people involved in legal animal rights campaigning. They were all arrested so the police could legally take away people’s property. Under our draconian laws, the police can do what they want with no reprisals. Remember the only response the people who were arrested have is to take the police to court for wrongful arrest and you don’t get legal aid for this anymore. So very few people can afford to sue the police, and magistrates will believe the police when they say they had responsible suspicions those arrested were involved. And it can takes weeks, or even months to get your property back. Sometimes if they take computers, you find that they don’t work properly when you get them back, but again unless you have the finance it is hard to get any recompense for this.

Reporting like this below, is yet again being used to tar the movement as extremists, and she assumes that it was to do with the GSK letters, but she is jumping to conclusions And of course it is a real serious crime to tell someone that they will put their name and address on a website, so serious it takes at least 20 cops at least to raid the houses, yet there will be people in the same areas as the raids, who will have been burgeled that night, who can get a copper to come round at all Why isn’t this reporter asking questions about this? This reporter is real scum!

Eleven suspected animal rights extremists arrested

Eleven people suspected of being involved in animal rights extremist activities were arrested yesterday. Police were unable to say whether the arrests were connected to recent threats made to private shareholders of the drugs giant GlaxoSmithKline but did not rule it out.

Europe's biggest drug maker secured a rare High Court injunction on Tuesday night against an unknown group of animal rights activists, preventing them from publicising names of its shareholders. The move made illegal any attempt by campaigners to carry out their threat to publish on a website the names of private investors who refuse to sell their shares in GSK within a fortnight. It is the first time such an injunction has been granted to a company in Britain.

West Mercia Police detained four men and seven women in raids. Arrests were made in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Shropshire, Gloucestershire and the West Midlands, and items were seized. The 11 were released on bail while the investigation into alleged offences under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act, which became law last year, continues.

On Monday, GSK was inundated with calls from investors who had received threatening letters from Campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, a previously unheard of group. HLS is an animal testing company used by GSK. The animal rights group, which industry insiders suspect may include activists from other known groups, threatened to write to all GSK shareholders. It has 170,000 private investors listed on its share registry.

GSK said it was "greatly concerned" shareholders were being targeted in this way, but reiterated its involvement with HLS.

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