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Occupation against corporate universities

student | 11.05.2006 12:09 | Education | Globalisation | Social Struggles | South Coast

In Sussex university, about 50 students occupied the innovation centre. This building is one of the many emerging links between business and higher education.

Today, 11th May at 8am 50 students from the University of Sussex occupied a business centre on the University campus. The slogan of the protest is >. The students are protesting against the increasing involvement of private enterprise in universities. They call for a fully state funded higher education system without tuition fees and accessible to all by means of a grant students can live on.

Businesses being developed at the > include American Express- a big employer of low paid indebted students. The university should not be involved in developing such enterprises which exploit students and should focus it efforts in providing a decent level of services to students. The number of teaching hours per week in many courses is abysmally low. It is impossible to get a square meal after 4pm on campus. Rent goes up every year without any noticeable improvements and the entire Chemistry department is being threatened with closure. Rather than forming partnerships with American Express and the like, the university should be focusing its attention on addressing these fundamental grievances.

The 11th of May is European day of protest against the Bologna process. This process, which is changing the landscape of European Higher Education, has been drafted in collusion with some of the biggest corporations (represented by the European Round Table of Industrialists). We oppose this process because we see this as a prime example of the market gaining influence in public services.



The meaning of ">"

11.05.2006 23:06

Some clarifications:

The slogan of the occupation was decided as "free education, not business incubation" in consideration of the occupied building being called a 'business incubator'.

Also the second paragraph should read 'business being developed at the 'innovation centre' include American Express'.

Alasdair 'sort me out' Smith


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