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return of active news and info-verting at the rampART radio

roderick | 11.05.2006 13:21 | Anti-racism | Free Spaces | Workers' Movements | London | World

if you wanna post me up some press releases i will sculpt them into protes radio london UK style for the rampart radio.
this is an autonomous action.

my card..
my card..

i will convert, produce edit and release press and info in the gearing up to the summer and in the recent wake of the calls for tony blair to step down.

just send me your data.

amonimity attempted.

my name. roderick charles M also known as fish[BOY]Ai

a call to activists, youngling effort makers, contentios objectors, freedom workers, protestors, squatters, radical spiritual promoters.

i will not advocate or distribute calls to violence, incitement of hatered, nuclear war or the rule of capitalist ideolgy over social concerns.

its my life and my time but i offer it freely or in solidarity. i would werlcome indymedia style chocolate biscuits or help of any basic kind.

any budding news casters should contact me directly or the rampART through the usual channels. my email for this proccess will be rebelram at uk2 dot net or rebelram5 at uk2 dot net

if this account does not stabilise i am contactable via primalspice1723_40 at hotmail dot com [or ]lifestation_future at yahoo dot com

best regards

time earth, one future

Spectral Moon day 10- Year of the Yellow Cosmic Seed

kin 133: Red Electric Skywalker

I Activate in order to Explore
Bonding Wakefullness
I seal the Output of Space
With the Electric tone of Service
I am guided by the power of Navigation

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- Homepage: http://crashed??


here is a music montage for you

11.05.2006 15:56

Download: - mp3 18M

feel free to use it -its about social justice and protest through the last 400 years...

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