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Electoral fronts are not enough we need to Make The Middle Class history: | 13.07.2009 21:29

The news Chris Knight is standing against TESSA JOWELL in the DULWICH AND WEST NORWOOD seat at the general election yes self proclaimed public enemy NO.1 this summer after his high profile in claiming to be organising force of the G20 protests and was said to be instrumental in the Liverpool Dockers/RTS link ups. Neither are true, a few Middle Class soap dodgers and other self proclaimed vanguard of The Working Class got a beating from The Police, Ian Tomlison lost his life, meanwhile the murdering scum who killed him has not been charged, and if you talk to the Liverpool Dockers some will tell you what a tiresome wanker Chris Knight was, we have to agree as we was involved.

He was also founding editor of ‘LABOUR BRIEFING’ He is currently fighting being sacked from his Professor of Radical Anthropology post at East London University for his remarks about ‘Hanging the Bankers’ during G20, shame he did not say them about his class as well, of course there is a difference between the likes of Nick I ain’t a Nazi Griffin and Chris Knight we know this but educated Middle Class Scum are not the voice of the working class, there parasites that use any opportunity for there own gain, Chris Knight and the Middle Class can only offer our class one thing and that is they form a ordinary que at the lamp post for there hanging.

Ian Bone is right we do need to have ANARCHISTS CANDIDATES FOR GENERAL ELECTION??? but we do not need the Middle Class to become the vangard of our class, it is these people who voted New Labour in 1997, these people who are calling for the reforming of The Socialist Alliance, the Middle Class have failed our class, this is why we need to make them history and tell the likes of Chris Knight FUCK OFF..


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