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Donate Money to Support the Thessaloniki Prisoners

Niki Salo | 18.11.2003 01:19 | Thessaloniki EU | Globalisation | Repression | Social Struggles

Thessaloniki 7 in urgent need of solidarity!

Groups across Europe are organising solidarity actions for the Thessaloniki 7, 5 of whom have been on hungerstrike for between 40 and more than 50 days! They were imprisoned for their alleged role in the demonstrations against the EU Summit in Thessaloniki, Greece, last June.

For more information see:

Donations to support the prisoners can be made into the following accounts:

In Germany:
Rote Hilfe Berlin
Kontonummer 7 189 590 600
BLZ 100 200 00
Stichwort "Thessaloniki"

In Spain:
Caixa 2100-2235-19-0100384931 ¦

In the UK, send cheques to:
BM Automatic,
London WC1N 3XX

In Greece, email the following account for information on how to donate money:

Niki Salo
- e-mail: