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Sussex Students Set Up Protest Camp

Camp Against Cuts | 25.05.2009 11:28 | University Occupations for Gaza | Education | Free Spaces | South Coast

Students from the University of Sussex have been camped outside the main administration building since Thursday night in protest against the cutting of the linguistics course, the lack of democracy in university decision making and the ongoing marketisation of education.

The Students are camped out on the green opposite Sussex House demanding that the University administration listens to the student body that has unanimously opposed the ongoing reforms to the university over the last two years.

The camp aims to expose the university administration for what they really are, businessmen running our university like a capitalist enterprise.

We believe that education is a right not a privilege and that it should be free at the point of access so it is accessible to all. Universities should be institutions that challenge society and promote social progression not edubusinesses where students are customers buying an 'education'. We believe that education is a value in itself and that the purpose of a degree course should not be to churn out workers to feed the capitalist alienated-labour system.

The camp is a free space and invites all visitors to come and pay a visit and come help build the space up with whatever skills you may have. Whilst the camp is functioning, we do have a tat list of stuff that is still needed:
tea/coffee/soya milk
bins/bin bags/recycling bins
banner materials
soft furnishings

Come, swing by, hang out, have a cup of tea, make a placard, build a bender or come and stay for a few days. see you at Camp Against Cuts

Camp Against Cuts


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