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Cardiff Total closed in Burma protest

Val | 07.10.2007 12:14 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | World

A Total garage in Cardiff was closed for three hours in a solidarity action for the people of Burma

no business for total
no business for total

burma solidaritay action at Total
burma solidaritay action at Total

Pickets effectively shut the garage down
Pickets effectively shut the garage down

Around 30 people marched from the centre of Cardiff to the Total garage, where more protesters had already gathered.
Despite the normal threats of arrest from the police, activists blocked the entrance and exit routes to the garage, shutting it down. The garage remained closed by the action for three hours. There were no arrests.
The level of public support for the action was amazing, and car horns were beeping their support almost constantly. Even the motorists that turned up to use the garage were (on the whole) supportive, and happily drove off to find somewhere else to fill up.
This was an effective and successful action - it would be nice to see more of these in the weeks and months to come.



Text of leaflet that was goven out

07.10.2007 12:29

Total Oil - the current situation in Burma

French Oil Company Total is the biggest corporate investor for the undemocratic, military dictatorship of Burma. For the last 45 years a military dictatorship has ruled Burma with an iron fist. Total oil has provides the dictatorship with 30% of there export revenue, which is estimated at $450 million.

This is the largest foreign investment supporting the brutal regime, and Total is fully aware of this. It has been funding the regime since 1992, which has permitted them to execute some atrocious human right violations including:

70,000 child soldiers.
One of the largest armies in South East Asia, despite no external enemies.
Rape of women and children as a weapon of war.
Mass oppression of freedom of speech and opinion, which has lead to 1,350 political prisoners.
Almost half of the budget is spent on the military while only 19p is spent on health care per person, per year.
Total funded the creation of a 63-kilometer pipeline, secured by the army, which has lead to:

Between 600,000 and 1 million people forced from their homes and internally displaced.

Some of the worse forced labour abuses on thousands of Burmese people.

Forced transporting of weapons, beatings and torture.

And the use of civilians as human minesweepers.

Total Oil is funding and protecting this violent regime, to defend its assets and profits made form Burmese oil and gas.

In 1988 mass demonstrations occurred across Burma due to the brutality of the Military regime, and a 500% increase in oil and natural gas prices. This resulted in over 5000 people indiscriminately being slaughter by the army, and thousands more imprisoned, 1, 350 of which are still there.

2007 UPRISE - A REPEAT OF HISTORY – On the 15th of August, petrol prices rose by 500%, sparking mass protests for the next 2 months. The protests were lead by tens of thousands of social activist, monks and civilians. The military fought back with tear gas, beatings, arrests, shootings and pre dawn raids on monasteries.

It’s estimated that up to 3000 people, including elderly monks, children between 5 and 10 years old, nuns and women have been arrested, enduring atrocious conditions in prison. It has been internally estimated that 130 people have been killed.

Even though the media coverage is disappearing today, the oppression and violence directed towards the Burmese’s people continues to escalate.

Stop the military regime. Act now before another 5000 die.

Action To sign petitions pressuring Total and other corporations to withdraw investment in Burma. For up to date reliable news in Burma. A group of like-minded individuals into civil disobedience. To sign a petition targeting and pressuring China, the main supporter of the regime.

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Local FIT at Total garrage

07.10.2007 17:36

Evidence gatherer
Evidence gatherer

photographer (no visible Id)
photographer (no visible Id)

A good day for those present
Local Fit/Evidence gatherer team arrived and with usual tact photographed adults and children
in attendance. .Fit photographer did not have uniform or visible identity on show. They were challenged by many present as to why they could take pics and tried to hide theirs when pictures were taken of them



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