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Politicians: is it one rule for us and another for them? - part II

GW | 10.10.2007 22:57 | Other Press | Repression | London

Watch senior MPs squirm when it is suggested to them that lying by politicians be made illegal.

Tonight's Newsnight included a preview of a BBC2 documentary tomorrow asking why there is no redress against lies or defamation by an elected MP, except by other MPs under such structures as exist.

The reactions of various senior MPs asked were telling. Jack Straw and George Osborne feature.

Podcast of this edition of Newsnight not yet up at time of writing, usually available until tomorrow night's. Or watch:

BBC Two: Thu 11 Oct 7pm-8pm
Showing to accompany the 10 Why Democracy? films, Richard Symons' documentary examines the fact that people can't always rely on their elected representatives to tell the truth. But what if it was illegal for politicians to lie?



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