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Anti Kettle Foods Campaign Builds Head of Steam

Mr Potato Head | 10.10.2007 15:23 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Kettle Foods have brought in US union busters. But have they bitten off more they can chew as consumer organising a boycott online?

A private equity firm Lion Capital own Kettle Foods manufacturers of Kettle Chips. When workers in their Norwich plant sought a recognition deal for the Unite trade union, their bosses called in infamous US Union Busters, the Burke Group to pressure the workforce into voting against union representation.

Prompted by a Guardian article on Monday 1st October, grassroots, consumer campaign has spread across the internet with hundreds of people pledging to boycott Kettle Chips and Dips on numerous bulletin boards and the Facebook social networking site.

The campaign has already prompted another guardian article as well as the trade press.

To ad your voice to the campaign, why not email Kettle Crisps using the form on their website:

You could also call them on:

0800 616996

Remember you are speaking to a worker in a call centre not the Chief Exec, so keep it civil!

Mr Potato Head


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  1. Another reason to boycott .. — Greddy Greg
  2. There's less fat in a bag of chips. — I wont eat em