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The Prince of Wales and the troupe of Nodding Donkeys.

Hull and East Yorkshire Anti Frack | 28.05.2014 00:13 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Fracking

An expose of the corruption of Dermot Nesbit, Director of Frack Company ‘Rathlin Energy.’and ex Environment Minister for Northern Ireland.

Whose gonna fix your meter?
Whose gonna fix your meter?

In Canada where the Oil and gas are flowing in Klondike amounts and Energy Companies are competing for morsels, all are trampled under foot, for the riches beneath the ground.The Russian Oligarchs obviously feel disconcerted, at being pushed out of the scene. Fracked gas from the Commonwealth, has and will further, reduce the Russian revenue from gas and oil fields, in Eastern Europe, which are now competing directly with fracked shale gas extraction in the ‘developing West’

It could be, that, Prince Charles had actually forgotten the terrible genocide which had been committed by his ancestors, upon the Native Canadians, when he described his foe, Vladimir Putin as a budding Nazi to that poor, Canadian, colonialist, commoner, ha had 'reportedly' chatted to.. It could well be he seeks to create war and disorder as a plan to re establish a new world order? Who knows his mentality or thinking?

Charles who was fresh back from a ‘sword dancing’ loyalty bonding session, with his other oil rich buddies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, had, possibly in mind, a golden handshake for ‘dear old Mama,’ when he asked the world to stand with him on that other potential asset, known as the Ukraine.

But enough, what has all that to do with Ireland and East Yorkshire?
Let us look into the background, zoom in on and examine the evidence of corruption at top level in the UK government, regarding Ireland, Royal patronage, the Commonwealth and the exploration and exploitation of gas and oil, through the land and seas, of the Isles we inhabit.

Rathlin Energy is a UK company and subsidiary of Connaught Gas and OIl are based in Calgary, Canada.
Connaught Gas and Oil, via Rathlin Energy, had seen to sap, through its cosmetic, masonic, Gaelic ties, the abundant riches beneath Ireland and Yorkshire. Rathlin’s human resource is comprehensive, with geologists and other prominent experts in the gas and oil field, spread across the breadth of its board of Directors and Managers. However, there is one man that does not at first sight sit comfortably with the engineers on Rathlins board. He is a bespectacled and meek man named Dermot Nesbit whose career was not as a geologist or engineer but as a politician.
Dermot lectured finance at Queens University, before and after his political term of office in the Northern Ireland Assembly. A man, obviously brilliant in the field of finance, would not at first sight raise questions about his own character. Except, that Dermot didn't take up a senior position in the treasury, of the N.I Assembly, as one might have expected from a senior lecturer of finance at the country’s best University.. Instead he did something very unusual, he became the ‘Environment Minister.’
Could it have been, that Dermot had seen the light and had given up his financial career and set out on a mission to save the local Leprechaun and the ‘lesser spotted’ toadstool? Or was it, during his financial training and studies of stocks and shares, that he saw the potential for exploitation of the vast, untapped oil and gas reserves in the surrounding seas and beneath the soil of ‘his beloved’ Ireland?

No, it couldn't be so, not nice guy Dermot, (who had set up the Good Friday agreement and advocated human rights) could ,ever, possibly, use his foresight mischievously, to manipulate a resource from within the scene?
No, he couldn't be that brilliant, to use his influence and pristine image to arrange detente with Southern Ireland and actually persuade the old foe to rejoin the Commonwealth? Surely no one is that brilliant.
Nice guy Dermot nearly did.
But, having failed to secure the ‘whole of Ireland’ for Royal patronage and the Commonwealth, Dermot announced to his superiors that he was leaving his office at the Ministry for Environment ‘to do other things’
Within, what must have been days or weeks of leaving office at the NI Assembly, Dermot had joined a newly formed company called Rathlin Energy. As previously stated, Rathlin Energy is a subsidiary company, 100% owned by Connaught Gas and Oil, a company based in Calgary, Canada.
Who knows at what point Dermot Nesbit had been approached to work in gas and oil? The war in Iraq had been waged and was raging whilst he was in office, by the government he was serving. Regardless of what led to it or whether he had always been mindful of the role he took, without doubt, his work in the Environment Ministry would have involved the granting of permits for drilling and exploration.
Dermot, at the time of joining Rathlin, also went back to lecturing finance at Queens University. Did he want to teach others to recognise potential?
Regardless, Dermot now knows the politics and procedures of the ‘State System.’
He now acquires, for Rathlin Energy, the drilling permits, permissions, land access, etc. they need, to drill, frack and extract gas and oil, from the offices and people, who once served beneath him, at the Environment Agency.He knows the legal loopholes and 'other' methods of business.

Is that legal?

Apparently so...

Hull and East Yorkshire Anti Frack