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David Hicks very lucky to be tortured, isolated for 5.5 years for nothing?

Kylie Minogue & Lucky | 15.05.2007 22:45 | Repression | Social Struggles | Terror War | World

John Howard must repudiate the deal as it was illegal - done under duress and with an illegally constituted tribunal which didn’t conform to Australian standards of justice. Any confession is obviously worthless. That on the same basis that having David Hicks meant they could do whatever they wanted to him – and did, now that Australia has him we will treat me with the dignity and respect for legal institutions that we should always do.

I should be so lucky?
I should be so lucky?

I should be so lucky (so lucky, so lucky)
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I should be so lucky (so lucky, so lucky)
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David Hicks a 'very lucky man'?

The American military prosecutor who prepared the case against David Hicks says the [tortured political scapegoat under duress whose now an alleged] self-confessed supporter of terrorism? Got off lightly?

But in my imagination, There is no complication, I dream about you all the time? In my mind a celebration? The sweetest of sensation? Thinking you could be mine?

Mr David Hicks is expected to be brought back to Australia within the next week to serve out the balance of his nine-month [implemented] sentence at Adelaide's Yatala prison.

But, in my imagination, There is no hesitation? We walk together hand in hand, I'm dreaming, You fell in love with me? Like I'm in love with you? But dreaming's all I do? If only they'd come true?

Colonel Mo Davis says David Hicks is lucky to be flying home from Guantanamo Bay and lucky to be facing only a nine-month [implemented] sentence.

I should be so lucky, Lucky lucky lucky, I should be so lucky in love?

Davis: "He got off lightly, I think if you look at comparable sentences for similarly situated individuals prosecuted in the US, he's a very lucky man," he said.

It's a crazy situation, You always keep me waiting, Because its only make believe, And I would come a-running, To give you all my loving, If one day you would notice me.

The Australian community says that you and your administration are lucky not to be facing the International Criminal Court of Justice for war crimes against humanity.

My heart is close to breaking, And I can't go on faking, The fantasy that you'll be mine, I'm dreaming, That you're in love with me, Like I'm in love with you, But dreaming's all I do, If only they'd come true?

So far you got off lightly, we think if you look at comparable sentences for similarly situated individuals prosecuted in the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity, you and your corrupt friends are very lucky men indeed, we say.

I should be so lucky (so lucky, so lucky)
I should be so lucky
I, I, (I, I)
I should be so lucky (so lucky, so lucky)
I should be so lucky
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Statement of demand to Howard

John Howard must repudiate the deal as it was illegal - done under duress and with an illegally constituted tribunal which didn’t conform to Australian standards of justice. Any confession is obviously worthless. That on the same basis that having David Hicks meant they could do whatever they wanted to him – and did, now that Australia has him we will treat me with the dignity and respect for legal institutions that we should always do.

Not to do so would be a cringe to US dominance and acceptance of disrespect for the Coalition of the Killing partnership which put our lives in jeopardy to allegedly defend the US after their false flag attack of 9/11.


David Hicks transfer to Aust in home stretch
Plans are being finalised for the transfer of tortured political scapegoat Mr David Hicks from Guantanamo Bay in Cuba to Australia.

For the record, ABC
On tonight's news they say. "That David Hicks is going to be interrogated again prior his release, and that David Hicks agreed to do so? So they obviously intend to make new allegations against him once he's back in Australia to try to cover John Howard's political arse. On the basis that no one believes the 'official' reasons for his torture and subsequent 5.5 prison term. Shame Howard, shame on you!

Lawyer to formalise David Hicks homecoming
The Australian lawyer for political scapegoat David Hicks will go to Guantanamo Bay to ensure Hicks understands documents to formalise his move to Australia. David McLeod is expected to travel to Cuba early next week. The documents will be presented to David Hicks by representatives of the federal government. David Hicks will serve the balance of the US/Aus government's 'implemented' nine-month sentence at Yatala Prison in Adelaide.

More rubbish from Rann...
Rann concerned about security arrangements after Hicks's release but he's not concerned about the government being run by war criminals?

Rann suggests control order against Hicks?
South Australian Premier Mike Rann has asked the Commonwealth to ensure that political scapegoat David Hicks will not pose a danger to the public on his release from prison? [Now why would he? He's a political scapegoat used as a pawn in the alleged 'war on terror' by the John Howard gov't, which by the manner of his case is 'a war on freedom' and David Hicks is no danger to anyone.]

Free David Hicks rally - Melbourne 21 April
As part of a national day of action, Civil Rights Defence organised a rally at the State Library in Melbourne where speakers included Greens Senator Bob Brown and David Hicks' father, Terry...

Terry Hicks seeks legal advice to get around gag order
The father of convicted political scapegoat David Hicks says he is seeking legal advice as to what effect his son's gag order has on him speaking out publicly.

Guantánamo Bay detainee railroaded into guilty plea
The issues of principle in the case of David Hicks

War criminals need time, not a timetable: Community
Not only has Labor left the Iraqi's in the lurch by being complicit in the illegal and degrading act of aggression killing over 655,000 people in a holocaust but now they say, after the fact, that they won't leave the Iraqi's in the lurch. So why have we been left in the lurch?

The MONSTER destroys itself, so why do we fight the MONSTER? Why not just build our own world? Think of cost benefit of our time, money and our investment in building a new world - opposed to trying to stop the MONSTER who is always right. I know! We might save some lives! Nah! The monster said… that those people had to die and they'll have to lock people up if they disagree. So we say… well lock us up then. And they do! Then they go off and continue to do the killing while people are locked up. Because that was the right thing to do - because they were just terrorists and you were just a wild animal that doesn't understand capitalism and the way the system works. I know! We'll stop the war in Iraq? But Afghanistan is okay so well just keep on building democracy over there?

Australians have become a victim of terrorism
The John Howard government's terrorist antics have been the most dangerous acts of aggression on sovereign nations for 200 years. Why wouldn't people fear some form of retaliation or false flag terrorist act now? What you do is what you get! So why do it? Why take the risk? Then tell us about the risks because of what you do? Who should be scared? John Howard should be scared at the next election. We should be scared that he was elected last time and that the mass media power help reinforce that fear by propping up a war criminal and his governments terrorist antics.

How is it that Prime Minister John Howard can accuse other people of some crime or lies? No, you do not need to be clairvoyant or have any special supernatural talents to meet up with or to see one of the more see-through inhabitants of politics in Australia today. You just need a strong heart and an eager mind. While other people, who are being accused, belittled, tainted or desecrated by numerous criminal politicians and their media allies. Politicians who don't lead us by any form of example and who break their own morals, principals, values, and ethics. Politicians who break their own laws in order to deceive us and to suit their own political ends.

Australia: The New 51st State
John Howard's servility to the US is even greater than Tony Blair's and has earned him the nickname Bush's deputy sheriff. The conspiracy between Washington, the media and politicians is eroding the country's freedoms

Tasneem Chopra at Free David Hicks vigil 2 March 2007
This week's vigil was addressed by Tasneem Chopra of the Islamic Women's Welfare Council of Victoria ... MP3, 5min.10, 608KB.

Senior lawyers accuse Australian government of war crimes over Guantánamo
The demand for the laying of war crimes charges against Howard, Ruddock and Downer should be taken up by ordinary working people throughout the country. The government’s ongoing treatment of David Hicks, and its defence of the illegal US military commissions, constitute a threat to the democratic and legal rights of every Australian citizen. They demonstrate the real face of the so-called “war on terror” and are a warning of the equally repressive measures being prepared at home against government opponents.

Document says 15 Million Australians planning terrorist attacks
A leaked Australian intelligence document says Australian politicians are facing a greater threat from terrorists than at any time since the September 11 false flag operations by the US neocons in the US in 2001.

David Hicks vs The Commonwealth: Back in Court
"It seems that the Australian government is working overtime to get David to plead guilty so everything can go according to their plan. David's unjust imprisonment is now clearly an election liability," added Bassi.

Demands grow for release of Australian Guantánamo prisoner, David Hicks
But such is the mountain of lies from Canberra that government officials are losing track. On Monday, February 5, the government’s threadbare claims were suddenly cast aside when Howard told a meeting of government MPs that all he had to do was ask for Hicks’s release and the Australian would be repatriated.

[BringDavidHome] [mardi gras]
We need volunteers to join in the walking group in the parade. We're seeking 50 volunteers to get dressed in bright orange coveralls, along with others to carry banners, placards and other assorted dress to emphasise the message that David Hicks must be brought home.

Hicks: Campaign Kits
Also in the Current Issues section of the website, read the UN's comments on Australia's counter terror laws.

Hicks fundraiser: Guess who came to spoil dinner?
I'm proud to be in the same photo frame as this extraordinarily brave and committed father and my own brother who my family and I love as a human being and not the distorted bogeyman that we read about in the papers.

Hicks: Canberra Convergence
Thanks to supporters in Canberra an add will be appearing in the Canberra media Thursday 1/2 & Saturday 3/2. Looking forward to see you all.

SDO Demo Crazy Failures mp3
It is not about defending D Hicks, it is about OUR rights of protection from powerful individuals and state - radical radio 30 mins stereo

In the face of mounting opposition, Australian government backs new Guantánamo courts
“It is time for the 50,000 members of the profession—from High Court judges to articled clerks—to have the courage to withdraw their services for a day to make it clear to John Howard and Philip Ruddock that we are ashamed of them. Both of them obtained law degrees predicated on the belief in the presumption of innocence. They are a blight on the profession,” Birrell wrote.

Bring David Hicks Home Vigil
People gathered outside the Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs in Casseldon Place today to protest the ongong detention without trial of David Hicks. David Hicks has started his sixth year of detention in the US administered Guantanamo Bay Camp on the island of Cuba, still without trial. Much of this time has been in solitary confinement. Hicks alledges he has been subject to torture and abuse by US authorities.

Australian Parliament must reject US kangaroo courts for David Hicks
Bring David Home campaigners are calling for a Canberra Convergence on the opening of Parliament on Tuesday 6 February at 11am on Parliament lawns.

“Australians, across the political spectrum, are now demanding the release and repatriation of David Hicks and members of parliament must do all that is necessary to redress the travesty of justice that has seen this young Australian spend five years and two months in legal limbo,” Ms Obeid added.

Close Guantanamo Bay - Melbourne Protest
Some quick video clips from today's protest at Casselden Place organised by Civil Rights Defence as part of global protests against Guantanamo Bay.

Bring David Hicks home - thousands of people rally across Australia
"John Howard, he doesn't want (to) bring David Hicks here for so many reasons, because he's a good witness against the crime of the government overseas."

Billboards going up, lawsuit filed, David Hicks home by Christmas?
Finally, this Saturday December 9, you can join thousands of Australians nationwide to mark the fifth year of David's detention without trial. Peaceful protests are being coordinated by a coalition of action and human rights groups including Fair Go for David and Amnesty International, with key speakers at each event including Major Mori in Melbourne. Order your own Bring David Hicks Home sign and check out the details of a gathering near you.

Close Guantanamo prison camp - Stop the war on civil liberties

Hicks: Major Mori speaks
According to Mori, All it would take is for the attorney-general to make a telephone call [to Washington] and David would be coming home. But the Australian government has a political problem, he said, because for five years they've labeled Hicks an accused terrorist or a terror suspect. Theyve admitted that if Hicks was brought home they could not charge him with anything because he has not committed a crime under Australian law. Mori believes the Howard government is still hoping the US will do the dirty work for them.

David Hicks’s release from Guantánamo
The ongoing imprisonment of Hicks, which is designed to psychologically destroy him, has further underscored the contempt for legal precedent and democratic rights that characterises the entire Australian political establishment.

The American Concentration Camp located at Guantanamo Bay must be closed. Let the people go free. Pardon them. Show them Christian charity. Stop this evil.

International Protest Day calls for the end of Guantánamo Bay

National Day of Action calling for the repatriation of David Hicks - 5 years of imprisonment & torture at the hands of the US army is more than enough: SATURDAY 9 DECEMBER 2006 - 12NOON - SYDNEY TOWN HALL Wear orange - bring drums

Homegrown war criminal's 'a serious problem in Australia'
Jump, scream, run and hide the muswims are coming to get you! Everywhere I turn there is another terrorist. I opened the sugar bowl this morning and there was a terrorist cockroach just waiting to get me, after stealing my sugar mind you. So we must be very alert and very alarmed. How else would a war criminal get re-elected after a holocaust and what looks like a third interest rate rise this year? Mostly, Howard's goals can only be attained, amongst other things, if he pushes race hate buttons and whilst you continue to live in fear.

Major Michael Mori writes re David Hicks
The US Supreme Court has ruled the special Guantanamo trials illegal. An acceptable solution from the Americans is likely years away and our Government has run out of excuses not to act. Nearly 40,000 Australians have put their name to the Open Letter calling for David Hicks to be repatriated. I hope you'll join us now by clicking on the link:

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