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Students to plan anti-Trident action in Bradford

Bradford Strident | 15.05.2007 19:36 | Faslane | Anti-militarism | Sheffield

On Thursday 24th May Anti-Trident protestors old and new, students and non-students will join togehter to enjoy an eveing of preparations and fun in Bradford.

Hoping to reach those interested in the STRIDENT [students against trident]
action which is planned to take place at Faslane, Scotland 28th-30th June 2007, the Bradford Strident group have arranged a SUPER STRIDENT SLEEPOVER.

They will be gathering together as many students against trident as we can to
learn protest skills for the blockade metting on

Thursday May 24th - 6.30pm onwards - The Ampitheatre, Bradford University, Bradford, BD7.

There will be workshops on blockading, sharing past experiences and preparing
for the block in june...but most of all, a lot of FUN and getting to know each

"We hope you can join us, we'd love to see you there. You don't have to be
prepared to get arrested at Faslane, if you're interested in the movement
against Trident you are most welcome! Bring your friends!"

The event is free and everyone is welcome [including non-students] but are asked to please bring camping stuff [tent, sleeping bag - if it rains floors will be provided
for you to sleep on, yey!] and food or money for food.

"Bradford is well served by public transport and is easy to get to and around.
But if you'd like any help with it don't hesistate to ask, [even if you want to
know bus numbers...]"

"If you do plan to come it would be handy if you let us know, but if you decide
to just come along that's ok too!"

STOP TRIDENT. To stop war we must stop the instruments of war. STOP TRIDENT.

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