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Greyhound posters: a first in advertising

Andrew Woodmansea | 23.07.2014 19:01 | Other Press | London | World

A national awareness campaign that is be breaking new ground for AFG and the greyhound protection movement.

The poster as it will appear on buses. Designed by SIGHTHOUNDMAD
The poster as it will appear on buses. Designed by SIGHTHOUNDMAD

Norwich-based Action for Greyhounds is launching a new awareness campaign this July with powerful new posters being displayed on buses operating in a number of areas across the country.* Commencing the last week of July to coincide with Greyhound Remembrance Weekend, the ads comprise a muzzled greyhound and the words 'dying to entertain you'.

Annie Boddey - AFG co-founder - said it was a campaign "breaking new ground and the wording is reference specifically to the appalling scale and nature of injuries greyhounds sustain in competition and trials on all tracks in Britain; a subject that remains one of the most sensitive and guarded within dog racing".

The campaign is being supported with a Facebook page and AFG are inviting the public to get involved by way of 'spot, snap and send'. Photographs received of buses displaying the poster will in turn win a car sticker for the sender, subject to availability.

It is proving a momentous year for AFG with the group now also the distributor for a new book, titled Behind the Lights, the Tote and the Non-starters. It is, said Boddey, "the only publication to cover the primary welfare issues inherent in the British greyhound racing industry to include why, in terms of injuries, greyhound racing on oval-like configured tracks has no equal, whether a sport, working or otherwise".

AFG, now in its fifteenth year and the longest established greyhound protection group, is busier than ever but their end message is simple: never attend or bet on greyhound racing.

For more information about the group, the campaign and other events to include Greyhound Remembrance Weekend please view:

*Locations and time duration covered in the campaign:

Gillingham, four weeks; Wimbledon, eight weeks; Swindon SN1, four weeks; Swindon SN2, four weeks; Yarmouth, eight weeks; Sunderland, eight weeks; Newcastle NE2, four weeks and Newcastle NE5, eight weeks.

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