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The Japanese Occupation Legacy – A Defining Ingredient of Totalitarian Democracy

Internationalist Observer | 28.07.2014 13:20 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Gender | World

It often seems a special scourge involving seemingly yesterdays occupations under ruthless dynasties and dictatorships, great evil of the past without any current effects other than emotional irritations over substantial compensation. But outside the phoney narrative of co-prosperity in co-denial which proliferated from the defeated Asian brand of fascism after the atomic bombings, the foreign occupation legacy plays a forefront role in the sick ideology driving the current wars of imperialist hypocrisy. In the Praise of Dialectics, Bert Brecht describes the entire pattern of such a constellation, from the attitude of the exploitation, over the ensuing time anomaly in the communication, to the spirit of emancipation. The Japanese legacy is not merely a Japanese issue, it is an imperialist issue, as can easily be seen from the fact that entire regions of the world are stuck in associations of the past century instead of being up to the current issues and their resolution. These include first and foremost the Europeans and the North Americans,who accelerate this frenzy merely because they find little else to share in their political differences. One European regime has just recently discovered one of its spies apparently sold the construction plans of its headquarters to Washington. And obviously the latter was really interested in more than handing an unopened envelope back to an ally. Nevertheless they share with each other the political paralysis resulting from likewise organised crimes against human dignity, as do a number of reactionary regimes in the former Japanese sphere of influence. They are busy looking back at their past involvements because their current affairs are gravitating around the very same issue.

It is an obvious fact that the Japanese legacy is merely the proverbial tip of the iceberg – underneath the material incarnations of systematic abuse there are many more of projection and wishful thinking. Especially the rise of the digital totalitarianism on the background of electronic communication has brought about an increase of the problem with a significant number of regime officials in many countries fixated on people they are preparing to abuse materially by abusing their data. Seen from the perspective of the perpetrators the endemic spying which is disqualifying this planet is just that, with a blind spot put on the lethal consequences it must have. In this sense the Japanese legacy is an image from the past that gives a view of a projected future which although contradictory and likely to collapse into extinction has an influence on the present.

This influence can be found, explained and finally presented as conclusive evidence of the organised evil that is taking place. A number of democratic regimes are spying against populations for the purpose of enslaving and abusing them, as a result of which these societies are paralysed when it comes to meaningful estimations of and decisions on the future. For some of them that condition means an immediate loss of moral restraint and increased aggression. This again can be the origin of wars, and their devolution into mere insanity, as like in the Japanese precedent, with the rational weighing whether it is worth it is being overwhelmed by its own negative emotions. These wars might appear inexplicable from the angle of classical political economy, since their origins lie deep in the psychology of abusive greed.

The collapse of the military coup in Ukraine indicates that this paralysis has become the dominating force over the past-oriented cultures who brought it about. The Ukrainians are now realising what they erroneously bought into and that they were way better off in the constellation that preceded it. Accordingly enormous is the confusion and desperation in Kiev, after it became obvious that the weapons system which brought down the passenger plane was delivered to Ukraine before the coup so that it would be ridiculous to try blame the incident on foreign meddling or insurgents. The entire scapegoating propaganda of the regimes that backed the fascist coup has collapsed into their imperialist legacy, so that Russia despite its own issues has surfaced as a voice of relative sanity compared to anything coming from any of the proponents of the coup. Historically, Ukraine is an example of that legacy: Without any doubt the people of Ukraine who wanted to get rid of a repressive regime, not just exchange its representatives, have been abused by the imperialist regimes behind the coup, and might have faced the perspective of that reaching the dimension of Japanese occupation had it played out unhindered.

But the worst instance thereof is the Israeli aggression against Gaza. Whenever there is war in that place it is from its absolute beginning a more than regional conflict, reverberating in Europe, West Asia, North Africa and of course Arabia – not the entire metacontinent, but nearly everywhere west of India including some rather empty areas, plus much of the Americas as well. This is as the aggressors do admit themselves unusual and in this case resulting from a connection through flashback patterns of the past century. In Europe more than anywhere else, and with that in its descendant culture, in North America, the focus that this tiny but drastic war is taking in nearly the entire perception is rendered through the lens of the war of the past century there. In short, if the Jews were to experience in Europe what the Palestinians do experience in Israel they would leave for there.

With the failure of the Sharon compromise, which had provisionally ended the occupation at least of that part, or more precisely its decomposition to an empty facade of the kind of the Korean armistice treaty, Gaza is as little in material circumstances necessary for real sovereignty as the Caucasus in Russia, only that it is a very densely populated territory allowing for little relaxation between hostile engagements. In this condition arises the crassest past century flashback, the propaganda that the Palestinian tactic was in principle morally inferior because it remains concentrated rather than spreading out in territory that is not available. There simply is no room for function and distance, not only in the military sector.

Absurdly enough however, the obvious consequence that the pressure is being redirected from horizontal to vertical resulting in tunnels providing the function which otherwise would be fulfilled by the sufficiency of territory is then being cited as the pretext of attacks. The international law is that territorial sovereignty is defined as three-dimensional already by the Roman empire. The sovereignty of a territory exceeds beneath and above ground and includes airspace and underground, or else it is to be called otherwise. If Israel is to deduce its sovereignty from a construct of regional history that rule is as valid as any fix of Roman decisions. There is no moral or legal basis to force people to live above ground, and the alleged military purpose of the aggression is as questionable as the content and intent of diplomatic proposals coming in from the conflict´s sphere of influence and beyond.

It is, more than any of the earlier wars of the same type, because the technical asymmetry has ever worsened like there, a repetition of European strategies – as much as any such thing in the Clausewitzian sense can be found at all – of the century ago. But that does not explain why it is so – it would be expected that over the generations the tensions relax and the war would become focussed on practical aims rather than on more vain attempts to resonate through a territory as big as Gaza is small. It is an additional unfortunate condition that these who have the best chances to mediate in fact are the most scapegoated, and these who are worst entangled into the flashback that feeds this meaningless assault of suicidal haughtiness – Europe and North America – are also the worst at scapegoating the possible mediators – Russia, from where Israel received most of its immigrants and still does.

Whenever there is an Israeli-Palestinian war, across the region there is more mindless frenzy against anyone who might even only be remotely able to resolve the issue than there is against both of the participants. And the Israeli tactic does appear deliberately tailored to exploit that condition to expand aggression. Yet this wallowing in the past is only possible because there is a legacy from it in the very centre of all these state apparatuses. It is the exploitation of the personality for the state that only in its late stages when it has corrupted the entirety of a society continues with creating additional circumstances of ever crasser exploitation which then come to claim anything of the human body as well.

After Hiroshima and Nagasaki that meant the condition of an amalgamation of the legacy in the American empire and its axis allies, where it would be luring within the apparatus to expand whenever it finds opportunity. It has done so in the Abu Ghraib incidents in Iraq and other military installations, and it has been resonating in any spying scandal and entrapment arrangement, not only in the axis allies but in the new state of Israel aligned with them as well. How can so much of the world be so stuck in the patterns of argument of the last century, if it were not for the domination of these over their political system?

More precisely, such as the spying through the arrangement of sexual partners is an element of the imperialist legacy that never ceased, it is an element of the state of Israel which apparently is involved in the same crimes against integrity or projections thereof as its imperialist sponsors. One might expect that their experience with the ancient Rome and historical ambition in reference to it would prescribe a natural taboo on any such entanglement, but apparently not so. As a result the state apparatus is amalgamated with the rest of the imperialist system and its specific legacy so that it cannot obtain the amount of independence which would be the precondition to make any local conflict be a phenomenon that is in fact locally limited.

It is one issue whether the culprits of this war of aggression are at all interested to escape their defining flashback, and become able to cope with the hard reality that neither side of conflict in a desert is going to survive the natural consequences of prolonged imperialism, but another what is necessary to end the assault if the imperialist legacy cannot be factored out from the derivative apparatus. As the failed diplomacy is attempting to recover from the lightning that struck it with the wreckage of that spying apparatus on a level exceeding that of the Cuban missile crisis, it remains crucial to describe the conditions of the depraved constellation that enable an otherwise unsustainable terror state to turn against its legitimate neighbours in the form that is currently being observed.

The imperialist legacy in the form it comes to the culmination it reached in the Japanese occupation can be described as an intermediate step between child abuse and identity abuse – neither is it limited to targeting children, nor to the appearance of plagiarism. It is family abuse, which means that the identities of relatives are being abused against a person in order to try to undermine their maturity. Only this can explain why the Japanese in the 20h century were at all able to recruit and sustain the so-called “comfort women” rather than end up in a struggle over life and death. Yet if the victims are being pushed into that role not by soldiers openly confronting them with violence but by the people surrounding them because these are in deception that such a compromise could enhance their overall situation, the mortal issue in it might never arise until there is no way back.

This abuse of identities of the target and its relatives, which is attempting to push the former into deception that the brutality was of human nature rather than of state ideology, now in the digital age has become so easy for any entity with central access to large amounts of data, that its last stage might remain undetected until it has fully materialised. The characteristic symptom of a culture suffering from it nevertheless is clear to the naked eye, that is the fixation on past images to describe current conflict and its immediately visible effect, the paralysis by proxy wars resonating through these perceptions. It is obvious that an end of these symptoms that makes a lasting difference does require a broader change which prevents the intensifying by circumstances, or otherwise proxy war is likely to flare up again and again.

And the current assault against Gaza would not have occurred, were it not for the full complicity of Israel in the emerging totalitarianism of its axis allies which are aiming at sexually enslaving conquered people in order to convert them to their depraved ideology of totalitarian democracy. Were Israel a pure intention of the innocence its proponents like to reclaim for themselves, and not contaminated by the mental aberrations of its axis allies in their grossly abusive spying, it would not have had the sick idea to start a war over a triple killing which was an addition into the grave of a victim of an assassination committed by its axis allies in order to cover up the aforementioned legacy. Like the passenger planes that crashed into the military coups plastering the way of that legacy in Mali, Taiwan and Ukraine, which obviously are “collateral damage” of climate change and global war, the three Israeli children were tomb additions, and their death can as little be blamed upon Hamas as the passenger planes.

And very likely it can be proven, if the overheated haughtiness of its empty suit politicians is not proof enough, that the regime which started the war knew the context at the point of their crime, and willingly and knowingly threw their own lives into the mass grave they were going to create. The assassination of the European journalist Frank Schirrmacher by BND death squads who found him uncovering evidence of the Berlin regime´s family abuse program, about which one of the agents involved publicly bragged it would have been “one of the best” they committed, was the trigger of that war, and when the Tel Aviv regime started its terror against Gaza it knew that the dead children were merely a precious addition to a grave that had not been opened by Hamas but by the Europeans, and which for the sake of history was necessary before it would be closed again.

Now the daring journalist is buried with dead Israeli kids in his memory, and the day when his murderers are being excreted by Europe there is a context to memorise. But when the Tel Aviv regime, instead of branding its European perpetrators attacks the Palestinians instead, by its own association it is putting itself into a continuity of European aggression against itself, and with that the Palestinians into the role they had in Europe. This is an incredibly stupid thing to do, massacre your natural neighbour to help your former enemy cover up a botched cover-up attempt of a crime that should not be in your interest. And the fact that the aggressors are playing around with their power just like the Japanese legacy suggests is conclusive proof that it is such complicity that is at work.

For the depraved militarists in Tel Aviv, the proverbial Mother Palestine is a comfort woman of which they imagine they could walk away and come back to rape at their whims. This is why Hamas is historically right to reclaim spaces impenetrable to Israel even though everything else it says may be argued about. This analyst will only supplement this argument with a little prediction: If it does not permanently back down from the rape, the state of Israel will have been a historical aberration which existed on top of a legacy that took three generations to be defeated. So here are useless liars attacking rather obvious neighbours.

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