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Curo Housing - Foxhill regeneration scheme - contaminated land

The Foxhill Mole | 23.07.2014 12:25 | Education | Health | Wales | World

Concerns grow after Curo Housing buys 48 acres of land heavily contaminated with heavy metals and asbestos for £47m

I quote the following facts for consideration:

“Bath Demolition Ltd. Traffic Management proposal for MOD Foxhill Demolition Phase of 16 weeks duration …Estimated Traffic Movements…It is envisaged that there will be numerous traffic movements Monday to Saturday throughout the duration of the demolition phase. The volumes of traffic will vary from day to day but at its peak the following is to be expected... 2 x 8 Wheeled skip lorries per day for Asbestos... (spread over 11 hours 7:00 – 17:00)

“Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Screening Report Prepared on behalf of The Curo Group March 2014…3.15 Buildings within the proposed development would be predominantly no more than 3 storeys in height. The exception to this would be small areas of up to 6 storeys… 3.18 The geology of the site (from ground level, down) comprises: Made Ground –below the topsoil to depths between 0.4 and 1.0m below ground level (bgl), comprising gravels and clays with demolition rubble, ash, clinker, waste and asbestos tiles.3.19 The site investigation found the principal contaminants to comprise benzoapyrene, arsenic, vanadium, copper, nickel and polyaromatic hydrocarbons in addition to asbestos.

Mr Richard Gamow of Oldfield Park, Bath knows all about exposure to asbestos having just “ won a claim against his former employers, N. G. Bailey Limited, for exposing him to asbestos dust while working at sites in the Bristol and Bath area.Mr Gamow, an electrician, worked in a number of different places for the company including the Ministry of Defence sites at Ensley and Fox Hill in Bath…” (Bath Chronicle 5th May 2014)

The residents of neighboring properties to the MOD Foxhill site should be rightly concerned at this potentially very serious risk to their health and wellbeing over the coming weeks and months.

The Foxhill Mole

The Foxhill Mole