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Weapons of Mass Disruption being made in Glasgow

Phill | 11.08.2004 16:57 | Anti-militarism

People will be gathering in Glasgow this Saturday (14th August) to make Lock-On tubes in preparation for the Big Blockade at Faslane on Monday 23rd August.

Come along and make your own weapon of mass disruption in time for the Big Blockade at Faslane. Lock On Tubes have been very effective in slowing the rate at which the police have been able to clear blockades at Faslane (and other places.)

We want global proliferation of these weapons of mass disruption so on Saturday 14th August we will be holding a Lock-On Tube making workshop (or should that be 'factory'?) mass producing lock-on tubes for people to use for the blockade (and any other actions.)

Come along and make your own. We will supply some materials but it will help if you can bring your own as well:

Keep your eyes out for tubes from building sites, skips, scrap yards, etc. If you know where we can find any - please get in touch! Metal are preferable (old drain pipes, stove pipes, etc) but plastic (drainage pies) and even cardboard will do!

Other materials you might want to bring to help reinforce and decorate your pipes include chicken wire, cloth to wrap round the pipes, gaffa tape, paint, etc. Bring tools if you can as well.

The workshop will be held at the Shuna Island Social and Recreation Centre, 21/23 Shuna Place, Ruchill, Glasgow from 1pm.

DIRECTIONS TO SHUNA ISLAND SOCIAL CENTRE, SATURDAY 14th AUGUST: From the Botanic Gardens, walk up Queen Margaret Drive and turn right into Maryhill Road. From Maryhill Road turn up Ruchill St (right turn from city centre, left turn from west) nr MacDonalds, over canal bridge, first left, then first left again into Shuna Place. BUSES: 89 - to Shuna Street from Castle St/ Royal Infirmary. 54 - to Bilsland Drive. 8, 10, 18, 40, 61, 109, 119 - Maryhill Rd TRAINS: Trains every 30 mins from Glasgow Queen St to Maryhill Station. Then 20 min walk along Maryhill Rd, towards city centre.

Hope to see you there.

Big Blockade Action Line: 0845 458 361

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