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Prostitution: Rights of Women or right to women?

Sisyphe | 18.04.2003 02:21

Since the seventies, there has been a trend towards recognition of the concept of " sex workers " in Quebec, Europe and the United States. Viewing prostitutes as "sex workers" suggests that they are merely labourers providing a "social" service and should be given, therefore, the same rights as other exploited workers who are crushed by the forces of globalisation, and turned into marketable objects.

Stella, a Montreal group created in 1995 that advocates for the rights of prostitutes, has demanded that prostitution be completely decriminalised and that there be recognition of " sex workers. " This position is not accepted unanimously. In fact, for most feminists, prostitution is seen as a consequence of the sexual exploitation of women and constitutes a violation of human rights. From this perspective, it is necessary to abolish prostitution and criminalise customers (johns) and pimps.

In this necessarily short article, I will focus only on prostitution by adult women, touching only incidentally on men's and children's prostitution and on transnational traffic in women.

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