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Swedish politician participating in act of civil disobedience

Pete Hammarstedt | 17.04.2003 21:02

Spokesperson for Young Greens of Sweden will be taking part in the Scottish blockade of the Trident missile base in Faslane

The spokesperson for Young greens of Sweden, the youth organization of the Swedish Green Party, Einar Westergaard, is on his way to Scotland to participate in a blockade of the Faslane military base on the 22nd of April. Faslane is home to England’s nuclear-armed Trident submarines; submarines with a destructive power equal to 1,000 Hiroshimas.

- Weapons of mass destruction, with the capacity to obliterate millions, are against international law.
Faslane is a deadly threat to all humanity. I am taking part in a civil disobedience-action with the
intent to shut down Faslane, bringing peace and sanity for at least 24 hours, explains Einar Westergaard, spokesperson
for Young Greens of Sweden.

- As a result of a slow-working parliamentary democracy,
incapable of resolving immediate threats while causing unnecessary suffering along the way, I am left with no choice but to resort to direct action,
he elaborates.

The Swedish politician could be held in custody for his attendance at the Faslane blockade. However, this threat does not discourage him.

- I am willing to go to prison for my peace politics, even though I do not believe that I will be breaking the law. It is the British government that is breaking the law. I am simply acting in the self-defense of our future, Westergaard comments.

Pete Hammarstedt