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Bowl Court social centre under threat

2.2 | 21.05.2008 17:15 | 2008 Days Of Action For Autonomous Spaces | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

the new social centre in shoreditch was served papers today for a court hearing on the 4th june. the owners hammerson have no immediate interest in the building which they have yet to secure planning consent to demolish for their huge redevelopement plans for the area. the developments are the biggest in london since the creation of dockland and canary warf.

... more photos on the squat's back yard fence ...
... more photos on the squat's back yard fence ...

the social centre which was opened last month for the days of action for squats and autonomous spaces is planning to fight this threat loudly through the mainstream media and to contribute as much as possible to the campaigns against the bishops place developement during the time left in the building.

hammerson is a massive property company concentrating mostly on retail and office parks. they are partcularly active in the uk, france and germany.

more info soon....

if you can help the social centre go on the offensive on this, please get in touch

- e-mail: bowlcourt at riseup dot net
- Homepage: