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Riots in France, Belgium, Germany

xy | 09.11.2005 10:13 | Social Struggles | World

Last nights the massive riots continued.

In France this night more than 600 cars burned - although the government has re-installed a law that was created in the 1950s to gain control over the algerian population in the french-algerian war.
This law forbidds leaving houses at night.

Last night the riots spread out to Frances´ neighbours. In Germany, Berlin, also cars burned (pics, report: In Bremen an old school burned as well as a caravan... In Belgium also riots.

This night riots and burning cars also in Köln, Germany, and Chemnitz, Germany. In Brussels burning cars again...



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  1. "This law forbidds leaving houses at night" — FTB
  2. no riots in Brussels — Guido
  3. curfew — her indoors