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"I am not a Terrorist": 'Not A Crime' photography Campaign

Tash [alan lodge] | 15.07.2009 18:50 | Indymedia | Repression | Terror War

Nottingham photographer 'Tash' strongly supports the British Journal of Photography Campaign

Police routinely invoke anti-terror legislation to prevent photographers from carrying out their work, and photojournalists are constantly filmed at public gatherings and their details kept on an ever-growing database. Tourists, particularly foreign tourists, are also targeted by police, as was the case with an Austrian father and son recently who made the mistake of photographing a building of an extremely sensitive nature—Walthamstow bus station.
Put simply, Britain has become a no-photo zone, and so if you fail to comply, you may find yourself liable to attack, arrest or harassment. Recognising that Britain is not the only country where such a draconian anti-photographer culture is developing, the British Journal of Photography is beginning an international visual campaign to raise awareness.

'Not A Crime'

The fight-back begins here - BJP 15 July

I ask you tp please add your own support, It's kinda urgent.

Not A Crime - BJP Campaign

The fight-back begins here - BJP 15 July

New police guide 'is flawed' - BJP 15 July

Metropolitan Police - Photography advice

Police given a dressing down - BJP 8 July

Metropolitan Police photography advice 'selective', says media law solicitor - BJP 10 July

the mets unlawful & misleading new photo-laws

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