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Calais Migrant Solidarity

calaismigrantsolidarity | 15.07.2009 18:52 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression | South Coast

Please act now. We are calling for phone and email blockades of the French Embassy in London; Phil Woolas, UK Immigration Minister; the French Interior Ministry. All contacts at the end of this message.

We are calling for these targets as the UK Border starts in Calais – both the French and British states are implicitly involved in any attacks (legal or otherwise) that are launched against migrants in Calais. As the burning and destruction of the migrant camp at Patras in Greece shows, EU states now have little to fear in their attacks against migrants, as popular support for the far-right in the European elections shows. We need to show them otherwise. Of course, any other direct action is welcomed.

No Borders! No Nations!

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