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What Happened To Mayday On Merseyside?

Merseyside anarchists | 15.07.2009 16:54 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Liverpool

Mayday has its roots in a radical workers' day of action. If you feel like you blinked and missed it in 2009, you're not alone.

We're holding an open meeting to propose an alternative Mayday festival for 2010. Our aims are simple:

Platforms for grassroots community and workers’ groups - not VIP guests.

March where we will be seen and heard - not down empty side streets.

Organise together to create a festival for all of us – don’t leave it to the TUC and political leaders to tell us how to celebrate our resistance.

We welcome all individuals and any grassroots workers’, community and activist groups who want to get involved.

Our first meeting is on Monday 20h July at 7:30pm, Next to Nowhere, 96 Bold Street (entrance to the right of News from Nowhere, please ring basement bell)

Merseyside anarchists