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New thought crime - "Dangerous Writing"

sean | 04.07.2009 23:35 | Other Press | Repression | Social Struggles

Here's another threat to our Civil Liberties, Baroness O'Cathain (Tory) has proposed an amendment to the Coronors and Justice Bill to outlaw "Extreme Writings"!

It starts "(1) It is an offence for a person to be in possession of extreme pornographic writing."

So to further clarify, this amendment would create another victimless crime. ie - noone was hurt, nothing was stolen, no harm has been done. The fiction just has to read as if someone was hurt and that includes a massive amount of the erotic writing that is out there.

This will be of interest to many of you authors. But it's not even about authors - it's about being in "possession" of fictional dark erotica. Do you really want this law to come in and have what you read restricted??? We know consecutive governments reduce civil liberties new step by step.... making them appear fairly innocuous at first until suddenly we realise everything has been made illegal.

I do believe the Consenting Adult Action Network will probably put out a press release about this soon over at - check them out.