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SOAS raided this morning by Immigration Police

riku | 12.06.2009 09:26 | London

SOAS Cleaners this morning have been rounded up...

This morning at 8, SOAS University was raided by Immigration police who rounded up 9 of our cleaners and are threatening to deport them tonight.

We have fought hard with the cleaners to get them union representation and a decent wage (which we have now got). many of them have been working here for years, and have their whole lives here in london..

apprarently this has happened at UCL too, and i believe on the tube where active cleaners were pulled up in front of management and subsequently fired because their working documents were not up to scratch

please offer your support by emailing MPs, MEPs, SOAS Management, anyone you can think of....




DEMONSTRATION & Petition for SOAS Cleaners Monday 15th June

13.06.2009 19:24

Stop the Deportation of SOAS University Cleaners!
Stop the Deportation of SOAS University Cleaners!

DEMONSTRATION Monday 15th June at 8.30am on SOAS Steps. Please bring banners and other visual, audio aids.

We denounce the actions of the school and demand that academic institutions should not be complicit in assisting the Government in implementing their racist immigration programme. We find this particularly disgraceful given SOAS’s attempt to shake the reputation leftover from its colonial past. SOAS cannot lecture other countries about oppression when it complies in programmes such as this.

We cannot allow employers and the Government to use the threat of deportation to intimidate workers and prevent them from fighting to improve pay and conditions.

We urge you to show solidarity with the cleaners, UNISON and SOAS SU. We need to:

* Protest against the deportation of migrant workers and their families.
* Bring all workers in house, to receive equal treatment to SOAS staff, and force the university to take full responsibility for them.
* Formally disassociate from agencies such as ISS, and condemn such practice as witnessed at SOAS.
* Support calls for an amnesty for all migrant workers.

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