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letter to President Bush

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc) | 22.04.2006 02:46 | March 18 Anti War Protest | Repression

wake up call

April 21, 2006

Mr. George Walker Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington D.C 29072

Mr. Bush

Re: The United States of America

I would like to thank you for the gross incompetence, mismanagement, intolerance; and a foreign policy from hell and hatred. You wanted to divide a country you did a good job, oil prices are through the roof an you and your friend are billionaires over a six year term in office food price have gone through the roof milk is at an all time high 3.00 per gallon, bread is 1.49 per loaf and higher if it’s wheat, or of a healthy nature for you. Because the higher oil, natural gas, propane, the fuel cost gets added to the price of food. You and your friends get rich and the elderly, poor, low income, disabled get fracked.

You know that television and movie production is done north of us in Canada, oil and gasoline has to be trucked up here from refineries in Boston and Portland and further south. It has come to the knowledge of this writer that the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico about sixty-percent of them are still off line and have not been repaired and not for want to either, my question is do you care the answer is no. the higher the price of oil you and opec get rich and the poor pay in Blood and the fire of wars we should not be in like Iraq. It was a bad idea to start with, two their military forces were about as useful as a paper tiger and I and a brigade of armor could have destroyed them. Three they had no connection with El Gaieda and the Taliban and they had no weapons of mass destruction of any kind and as for a nuclear program yeah and I am Mickey Mouse. September 11, 2001 was a date we will remember for all eternity.

It’s not your right to use it as a gulf of Tonkin incident which never happened at all. As I have told you over and over again we do not start fight we finish them, it is not your daughters taking AK, sks, and RPG fire from partisans and sectarian militia in Iraq. It’s our children, the poor low income doing the dying not you’re or your friends children heaven forbid that. As for Iran, you should have done something before their reactor was up and running and they got ICBM technology, as I said a foreign policy from never land or the imagination of the National Security advisor and the central intelligence agency like you intelligence a counter diction in terms.

It is one thing to chase down the Dogs who murdered our people that September day, not start a fight with a sovereign nation who had nothing to do with it. How many innocent civilians lost their live over you lies, and misinformation? Also Sir, you have forgotten the rule of law, and also that being gay or lesbian or transgender is not a crime, or a fad that people go through, we here and have been here for a thousand centuries; Mr. Heath in Maine and other religious zealots would have you believe other wise. His sciences is dated and wrong about fifty-five years wrong 1933-1945, when six million Judeans, intellectuals, religious leaders and gypsies, and gay and lesbian were sent to the concentration camps. Why because they did not share the same values or believe in the Nazi ideology of were super men and so on? America was founded on democracy, independence, the right to think as we will or be who we are.

The right not to be shamed by others, America is Freeland from the Atlantic to the pacific ocean from the Rio Grande to Canada you and your friend have no right to deny our rights as citizens of the United States. We should not have to hide in a closet or be who we are not. America has bloodied evil men from Asia to Europe who tried to take away those rights and our freedom and those of others. We have been with you at Boston, Saratoga, Ticonderoga, and Yorktown, Washington and Baltimore in 1812 to the war with Mexico and to places like Manassas, Fredericksburg, and the wilderness, chanclorville, therefore gap, Gettysburg to the war with Spain to World War I, places like bellow wood, the sum, the Argonne forest and many others. Many did not come home but live forever in bloody fields buried in trenches filled in through the years. We were at Pearl Harbor on December 7th 1941; we fought on wake, Guam, midway the Philippines in the allutions, Bougainvillea, Guadalcanal, new genie, the Marshals, the Marianas gilberts, sipan and so on to Normandy, and the battle of the bulge to market garden and sir some won the medial of honor, and every other medial for gallantry. We have fought for freedom for a thousand centuries from the time before Christianity to the perishing wars to take Greece and Carthage to many other times in history.

We are not evil incarnate and we are child molesters or any of the filth on Mr. Heath’s sight. Lies piled upon other lies bring violence and hate. We as a country’s soldiers saw this in places Auswitz-Bukenow, Sobey Bore, the Warsaw ghetto, and many others; we saw what lies did and if you lie enough people believe in theses lies. We have fought and died for a country whom could care less, we have been dishonored, insulted murdered raped, all in our own country why because the right-wing ultra conservatives of the republican party considers us less then human as the Nazi did. You are governed sir by rules you have not been abiding by such as the following>>>>>

1. The declaration of Independence
2. The Constitution
3. The Bill of rights
4 Separation of Church and State, which means you are not allowed to mixes religion with politics in decision making or anything concerning the well being of the people of the United States of America
I have asked and hopefully in the next session of the Congress and the Senate they will pass the Mathew Shepard equal rights amendment. We are not looking for special rights, we are looking for the rights we al ready have earned. Thurgood Marshall said it so well simple justice, the right to be who we are, to serve and defend our country; that we deserve the same protections as everyone else. The military should also update the UCMJ to abide by the Shepard law, the bedroom of a person or persons can not be sanctioned by the government in any way, no government, town, county, state, federal has the right to define love or who a person chooses to be loved by. Your policies are far right and illegal when it concerns the LGBT community, your foreign policies have broken every international law I can think off, your homeland security is nothing but McCarthyism; protect by fear, and hate. Your self are in violation of the Geneva Convention, with detention center like Gitmo and the secret torture camps of your allies. Last time I remember we signed and ratified that treaty.

You’re friends who own the oil rigs in the gulf will and should come under investigation for not getting them up and running and back into production or have better reason then Katrina, and the other storm that had destroyed New Orleans and southern Louisiana, Mississippi and the Florida pan handle. They are gauging and you are looking the other way and that’s totally wrong. Your domestic policies is a joke, cutting education, food stamps, fuel assistance what you crazy or a bigot in sheep’s clothing, I have been able to tell as for your taxes cuts your friends get the good and we the disabled, poor, low-middle class and elderly get fracked. Education is for everyone, it gives a person the tools to climb out of the living hell of being below the poverty line.

I see through your lies and see many things, corruption, misappropriation of funds; robbing the social security to pay for an illegal war, leaving an IOU does not cut it with me or the rest of the people below the poverty line or elderly who barely make it on the income social security. If you die you get two hundred and fifty bucks if you qualify. As for the social security going bankrupt it started with the republican god Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon and so on. You are not the only one to leave IOUs in the fund your whole party is guilty of embezzlement at one time or another.

I ask that the senators from Wyoming introduce the equal rights law or the Shepard law as I call it. We are no threat to the sanctity of marriage, the only threat I see is bigotry, mistrust, fear and hatred of a people who did nothing wrong but be born different. I also ask that the senate and the house nullified your tax’s cuts. Come November I hope to see a new majority because this one has no heart, no soul, and no nothing but hate fear and mistrust. I noticed that its blame the other guy for the economy or for the way things are in our nation. If it keeps up I plan to immigrate to Canada and I know other will follow. Pelagius a christen leader in the 400 ad said and I quote “the most meaningless death is the end of hope”

"You can't outrun Death forever.
But you can make the Bastard work for it."

--MAJOR KORGO KORGAR, "Last of The Lancers"
-- AFC 32

We must restore hope, courage, and dreams, Arthur Castes a centurion who commanded the Samation knight in Britton who later be came the first king of England. found out what true freedom is be cause he was half roman and Britton and his father’s son and he found that what he thought Rome was a lie and that the man who helped raise him was killed and excommunicated his name was Pelagius a Roman Fryer I quote

“The gift of freedom is ours by right; it’s not in some far off land, it’s with in each of us; if war or battle be our destiny, then let history record that as free men, we chose to make it so”

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

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