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'Dealing with Peak Oil and Climate Change' in London

James Howard | 25.04.2007 14:32 | Climate Chaos | Ecology | Globalisation | London

The relationship between Climate Change and Peak Oil, and how to deal with the two threats, will be discussed at a special event titled ‘Dealing with Peak Oil & Climate Change’ in Covent Garden, London on 12th May 2007.

Arguably the two greatest global threats of the 21st century are Climate Change and the decline of global oil supplies, the onset of which is called Peak Oil. Climate Change is already happening while the global peak in oil supplies is expected within the next ten years by many analysts. They are happening in parallel, but analysts and commentators tend to focus on one or the other. This event will argue that you cannot and must not ignore either of them, as well as giving insight on their interaction. Also being discussed will be a holistic but controversial approach to dealing with both of these problems.

Speaking at the event, which will include talks and workshops, will be David Strahan. Strahan is an award-winning investigative journalist and documentary film-maker. In 2000 he made a BBC2 documentary called The Last Oil Shock - also the title of his new and highly acclaimed book on Peak Oil - and in 2003 another called The War For Oil, transmitted a week after the invasion of Iraq. He is also a trustee of the Oil Depletion Analysis Centre. He will discuss the relationship between Climate Change and Peak Oil, which he describes in the title of a chapter of his book as, “Short Fuse, Long Fuse.”

Also speaking will be Paul Mobbs, author of ‘Energy Beyond Oil’. Paul Mobbs, author of ‘Energy Beyond Oil’ is one of Britain’s foremost thinkers on Peak Energy and the practical solutions to the problem.

Some see him as a controversial speaker, opposing the idea that we can make the transition without major changes in lifestyle. It is this concept that he will deal with in his talk, challenging many of the beliefs that are now taken for granted, by all ends of the spectrum. He will dig deep into our economic system and why ‘Less' is a four-letter word. This is part of the ‘Wakey, Wakey’ series of events happening across the UK.

The event starts at 12.45pm on Saturday 12th May 2007 at Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley Street, Covent Garden, London. To register or for more information please email

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