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Tens of thousands remember Anzac murderers and tens of millions stayed home

Parrot Press | 25.04.2007 05:16 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Terror War | World

Don't show your support for the ex-service community and in particular for the militants that are currently occupying Iraq and Afghanistan with the estimated 655,000 dead in Iraq and the dead Afghanistan's that the militants have refused to count to date.




A crowd estimated at tens of thousands has gathered for the dawn service at the State War Memorial in King's Park in Perth. But tens of million more stayed home....

The Australian community says each year more young people have become aware about the truth of the Anzac Day murdering services and this year is particularly important, with Australian militants occupying Iraq and Afghanistan.

The community says today is a great opportunity for ex-servicemen, men, women and children to bow their heads in shame of the armed murderers.

Don't show your support for the ex-service community and in particular for the militants that are currently occupying Iraq and Afghanistan with the estimated 655,000 dead in Iraq and the dead Afghanistan's that the militants have refused to count to date.

We have some 4,000 currently in occupations and it would be nice if they knew they had no support from the community.


Anzac Murderers Can't Handle The Truth

Girl charged over 'Anzac murderers' graffiti?

A 17-year-old girl has been charged for telling the truth about a war memorial at Bathurst in New South Wales' central west just hours before the town's Anzac Day dawn service.

Police say slogans including "Anzac murderers" "Aussies don't fight" and peace symbols were painted on the town's Carillon War Memorial in Kings Parade Park.

Police say they arrested five girls aged between 15 and 17 years who they say were caught at the memorial just after midnight.

The 17-year-old girl has been charged while the others are going through the juvenile cautioning process.

The Bathurst Regional Council and the New South Wales Fire Brigade were able to clean off the majority of the graffiti before the dawn service.

But we all know the truth about the Anzac murderers so why not face up to the facts?

Anzac commemorations attract thousands in Brisbane but Millions stay home

Brisbane's CBD has ground to a halt, as thousands line the streets to mourn the Anzac Day wrath.

But millions more stayed home and bowed their heads in shame at the imperialists and mass murderers.

Today's Anzac memorial in Queensland are thrusting the distain of bloody Anzac killing fields firmly into the hands of the younger generation. A contingent of the legacy are hundreds of brainwashed school children and youth club members who will lead the march alongside the mass murderers?

So why are they lying to these children? Because children are easily convinced.

Merryl Cummings says the Anzac Day march is a murdering tradition.

"My dead husband was in the Navy and unfortunately he's not with us now."

"He's stoned dead, six feet under the ground, so myself, my sister and my two grandsons won't march in honour of his dead soul for the likes of the imperialists capitalist monsters who sent him to war," she said.

"Diggers she said? Well they had to dig a hole for him didn't they?"

Veteran militants march in Canberra

2,500 veteran militants are marching at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra this morning in memory of the dead.

Around 2,500 service and ex-servicemen and women are entering the parade ground outside the Australian War Memorial with a bunch of brainwashed children and the RSL.

Marching through the capital and past the war criminal governor-general major-general Michael Jeffery and the Stoned Dead of Remembrance of all the civilians killed at war.

War criminal John Howard and the chief of the defence [War] force, war criminal, air marshal Angus Houston, are among the felons attending the national shame.

War criminal major-general Jeffery will give the distain address before the laying of wreaths of those killed and murdered in the name of Australia for their imperialist exploits throughout the world.

Similar marches are taking part in cities around the country but millions more people will just stay home bowing their heads in shame at the mass murderers.

Earlier this morning, millions of people stayed home instead of going out in the cold and wet conditions at the dawn service in Canberra.

The big turn around was mirrored across the country. Sydney, Melbourne and Perth reported more people stayed home. Millions more people also stayed home in the other state and territory capitals.

At noon AEST, the Australian Air Force will fly over the memorial, concluding the Anzac Day Distain program in Canberra.

Lest we forget the millions killed in the illegal and degrading war of aggressions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Thousands lined Sydney streets for the Anzac Day memorial but millions more stayed home

Grey skies and showers have not stopped some people lining up along the parade route of Sydney's Anzac Day memorial march but the weather didn't stop millions of people staying home.

World War II murderers chatted with young families about killing people as the march began in Martin Place.

At the head of the parade were dozens of taxis, carrying the killers who can no longer march but were determined to take part, crying out of the windows about the killing fields they were sent to in the name of imperialism.

One of those watching the march, Grant Peek, explained why he did not even think of missing this year's march despite the rain.

"A lot of our previous generation fought in the First World War, grandfather and both of his brothers, and I've always come here to mark the senseless waste of militant lives lost. People sent to war and the innocent people killed there," he said.

I've never missed and I always bring my son to remind him not to go to war for capitalists - in fact there's his great-grandfather's unit - most of them died for capitalism."

The march finished in Hyde Park where a ceremony was held to remember the hole diggers who buried the dead on the killing fields.

New South Wales president of the Returned and Services League (RSL), Don Rowe, says Anzac Day is also a moving experience for its organisers.

"I find it very emotional as well, and even though I've been going to Anzac Day marches ever since I was a kid, because dad was a World War II veteran along with his brother, and my mum's brothers, it's been part of the family tradition," he said.

"But you still get a lump in the throat and a bit of a tear in the eye."

I bet he's also glad he's not witnessing the deaths of 655,000 in Iraq and the countless numbers killed in Afghanistan.

Baghdad militants prepare for dawn memorial service

Australian militants in Baghdad will be unfolding their hankies for their tears over the illegal and degrading occupation of Iraq with over 655,000 estimated dead to mark Anzac day later today.

Hobart-born Corporal Scott Butt, who is serving in the Iraqi capital, says today will be something sad for the Australian militants occupying Iraq.

"We're having a dawn service over here to mark the dead for capitalism, a majority of us will be attending that," he said.

"Obviously there will still be some people on duties and doing the capitalists work and all of those things.

"That's going to be followed up - we've organised a memorial of our own to kick our day off."

Indigenous hole diggers remembered at Adelaide dawn service

Hundreds of people gathered at Adelaide's North Terrace War Memorial for the Anzac Day dawn service but millions more stayed home.

Government propagandists and Australian Defence [War] Force (ADF) militants paid tribute to people who have been killed and who did kill while employed in Australia's war forces.

Aboriginal militants were also remembered at the memorial service, with a wreath being laid in memory of their deaths and those of the innocent civilians they may have killed or murdered. Because there is no honour in war.

It is estimated that about 500 Aboriginal Australians drafted in World War I and more than 3,000 drafted in World War II.

The remembrance coincides with the 40th anniversary of the 1967 referendum when Aboriginal people's citizenship rights were officially recognised.

But what that's got to do with it is anyone's guess. Do they mean becoming a citizen meant they could now be employed to die or kill for capital?

Vietnam War veteran Gil Blue will be representing his fellow Aboriginal drafted men and women at the memorial service.

Mr Blue says he is extremely sad.

"I won't be okay until I hear the Last Post," he said.

"I think all employed persons who were drafted overseas in situations where you're getting shot at and you shoot at people, you get a lump in your throat and a bit teary-eyed, but there is enormous shame."

"Being part of the wreath-laying contingent there makes me feel very sad and worthless and I'm very sad to be part of the white man capitalist killing and murdering on behalf of the drafted Aboriginal people."

"It's for the Aboriginal people, both men and women, that were dragged into the capitalist Boer War all the way through to present occupations today."

Darwin remembers dead hole diggers

Hundreds of people gathered at the Darwin cenotaph and have remembered the deaths of militant hole diggers.

Veterans, their friends and their families have risen early for the annual dawn memorial to those who lost their lives at Gallipoli.

Militants from Darwin's First Brigade were amongst the first ashore during the Gallipoli landing, which happened on this day in 1915.

The brigade now has 500 Darwin soldiers posted in Iraq and another 120 throughout the Middle East.

Among the militants attending today's dawn memorial are those who have just returned home to Darwin from Afghanistan and who have failed to be bothered to count the dead civilians they have left in their tracks.

Army, Navy and Air Force militants will join together at the memorial for the tri-services Catafalque parade and to lay wreaths in honours of the hole diggers.

Tasmanians remember Anzac hole diggers

At least 2,000 people gathered at war memorials around Tasmania for Anzac Day dawn memorial but at least 2 million stayed home.

In Hobart, Tasmanian governor William Cox and premier Paul Lennon joined militants, relatives and families at the memorial at the Domain cenotaph.

Organisers say mild weather didn't help keep the numbers down.

The memorial had an address by the Reverend Cyril Cann.

"Whatever you do just stop killing people," he said.

Record numbers ignore Melbourne's militants march

Memorials are continuing in Melbourne, with millions of people staying well away from the hole diggers memorial march.

Nothing could help bring more than 35,000 ignorant brainwashed people out to watch the march towards the Shrine of Remembrance.

World War II militant Les Leakson says he was able to pick out his grandchildren going to the beach the other way.

They all yelled out to me, 'Grandpa', you're a hole digger" he said.

"It makes you feel like you've done the wrong thing."

Eleven-year-old Travis Sillmott from Narre Warren says he has been unimpressed by the medals decorating the chests of those who killed and murdered people.

"How come people got medals for that?"

"I don't like to see all the people who got all the badges because other people go to jail for murder - they are nice and shiny why the disrespect for dead people," he said.

After arriving at the shrine, many militants have been catching up with old hole diggers who plan to have a drink around the city later today to mourn the deaths of their friends, loved ones and the innocent people they may have killed in numerous wars.

Militants fired on while recovering destroyed vehicle in Iraq

The Australian Defence [War] Force (ADF) says militants in Iraq who were trying to retrieve a vehicle destroyed earlier in the week have been fired on.

The ADF [War Force] says attack last night has added to a spate of incidents over the past 24 hours near the town of An Nasariyah in the Dhi Qar province.

The occupying militants were attempting to recover an Australian Light Armoured Vehicle (ASLAV) that was destroyed in a bomb blast two days ago.

Three Australian militants, who are all based in Darwin, were injured when a bomb hit their ASLAV during a routine patrol in Dhi Qar on Monday night.

In last night's attack, the ASLAV hulk was hit by one rocket while a second vehicle sustained minor damage from small arms fire.

No militants were injured in the attack.

The ADF says the Overwatch Battle Group West (OBG(W)) patrol returned fire.


A militant who suffered lower leg injuries in Monday night's attack has had surgery in Baghdad and is to travel to Kuwait for additional treatment for burns, lacerations and a broken ankle.

He is in a stable condition and it is possible he will return to Australia for further surgery.

The militant with minor head injuries is returning to the OBG(W) after treatment in Baghdad.

ADF [War Force] says the third militant that presented with wounds on the morning after the attack has been found to have suffered fragment wounds and a broken elbow so they don't have to did a hole for him just yet.


Protestors arrested at NZ Anzac Day memorial

Two anti-war protesters have been arrested after disrupting Wellington's Anzac Day dawn memorial service and setting a New Zealand flag alight.

Two members of a group calling themselves "Peace Action Wellington" disrupted speeches at the capital's cenotaph, sounded a horn and tried to burn a New Zealand flag.

They were arrested and charged with offensive behaviour and obstructing police and will appear in court later today.

Group spokeswoman Valerie Morse says conscientious objectors are the real heroes of Anzac Day, which she says has ceased to be a day when people commit to "never again'" wage war and instead has become a celebration of the military and armed conflict.


"News that's not known, or not known enough."

At least 766,880 people have been killed, and
1,467,868 seriously injured in Afghanistan and Iraq


and 25,761 SERIOUSLY INJURED July 2004

and 6,273 SERIOUSLY INJURED July 2004

and 1,071 SERIOUSLY INJURED Jan. 2007

and 669 SERIOUSLY INJURED Feb. 2007


US and coalition deaths and injuries listed above include deaths and injuries reported in all of "Operation Enduring Freedom," which is the Pentagon's public-relations name for what's commonly called the war on terror. About 75% of these deaths and injuries have occured within Afghanistan and its neighbor nations, Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Other US and coalition deaths and injuries included in the above numbers may have occured in Cuba (Guantanamo Bay), Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Seychelles, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Yemen.


-- IN IRAQ --

and 90,000 SERIOUSLY INJURED Aug. 2003

and 1,296,830 SERIOUSLY INJURED Feb. 2007

and 45,798 SERIOUSLY INJURED Feb. 2007

and 768 SERIOUSLY INJURED Feb. 2007

and 277 SERIOUSLY INJURED Feb. 2007

and 421 SERIOUSLY INJURED Feb. 2007

US and coalition deaths and injuries listed above include deaths and injuries reported in all of "Operation Iraqi Freedom," which is the Pentagon's public-relations name for the invasion and ongoing occupation of Iraq. US and coalition deaths and injuries included in the above numbers may have occurred in neighboring or nearby nations, in support of OIF.

Behind the ANZAC Myth - Conscription and World War 1

The ANZAC myth has become an integral part of Australian folklore, as the last living witnesses to the carnage that occurred cannot personally challenge the idealised sanitised accounts that are being trotted out each ANZAC Day.

Lest we forget the ultimate price of warfare
by Michael Leunig (repost excerpt) Sunday April 22, 2007 at 08:06 PM
The Age April 23, 2005

We should remember the civilian toll of war and the danger of militarism, writes Michael Leunig.

"I hate it when they say, 'He gave his life for his country'. They don't die for the honour and glory of their country. We kill them."
- Rear-AdmiralGene R. LaRocque

We live in a national culture that glamorises soldiers, yet the sight of a military uniform with its obvious connotations of morbidity and violence provokes in me the question: "What sort of person is attracted to the killing professions?" Army recruiting advertisements beg the same question.

Read more ......

This is a crucial event which need more support.

So we are now coming around to the fourth annual remembrabce of the great IWW victory against conscription. I am just now buying the balloons to make the skulls for a "War Tree". The enthusiasm is running a little dry but I feel it important that this event be kept up. *

Australia makes WAR on Iraq and Iraqi Refugees

Australian government Ignores plight of Iraqi War victims while organising trans shipment of refugees from Nauru.

Howard, Rudd escalate support for US-led Afghan war

Declaring that there “is the distinct possibility of casualties and that should be understood and prepared for by the Australian public”, PM John Howard announced on April 10 that an Australian military task force spearheaded by 300 Special Air Services troops would be deployed to Afghanistan’s south-central Oruzgan province.

Iraqi parliament bombing: a sign of deepening crisis

The bombing inside the Iraqi parliament last Thursday has underscored the deepening quagmire created by the US-led invasion and occupation. Four years after American troops entered Baghdad, nowhere in the country—including the heavily fortified and guarded Green Zone where the huge US embassy and Iraqi government offices are also sited—is invulnerable to attack.

What are Britain’s special-forces doing in northern Iraq?

The crash between two military helicopters in Iraq late on Saturday evening raises the question as what Britain’s special-forces are doing in northern Iraq.

Baby bonus for early ADF enlistment

The initiative is part of the Federal Government's billion-dollar overhaul of recruitment and retention schemes in the ADF.

Australian Army - Don't Become A Statistic For Capital!

UNkNOWN News: "News that's not known, or not known enough."

Call for skilled migrants to be sent to the ADF

Prime Minister John Howard wants the migrants to help fill chronic shortages in the Defence [WAR] Force.

Time to go to war with your country?

Unemployed to be offered jobs in war forces. She says the scheme will provide opportunities to unemployed people who would not otherwise have considered a job in the ADF?

Afghanistan war political slaughter

Former British serviceman opined that most of what British troops do in Afghanistan is not constructive at all and it only works to further alienate Afghan population.


"Hundreds of thousands bitterly opposed Australia's participation in WWI"

The ANZAC myth has become an integral part of Australian folklore, as the last living witnesses to the carnage that occurred cannot personally challenge the idealised sanitised accounts that are being trotted out each ANZAC Day...

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