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SOCPA - news of a brian haw court victory

rikki | 03.07.2006 01:36 | Repression | London

last week brian haw (5-year veteran parliament square protestor) won back the limited right to use a megaphone in parliament square in a court case against westminster council who had raised concerns about noise previously.

brian haw (widely thought to be the reason for the socpa protest ban around parliament) is still in parliament square after more than five years. police swooped in march to destroy his placards after a high court decision overturned a previous one allowing him exemption from the socpa law.

not waiting for legal negotiations about the size of his display, more than seventy police mounted an operation in the middle of the night to remove most of his display, leaving him just three meters space in which to carry on highlighting this government's part in genocide and war-crimes in iraq and afghanistan.

court battles surrounding brian's rights are continuing, and he also faces charges under the socpa act. meanwhile, in court last week, he was granted the limited right to use a megaphone by westminster council.

the socpa law generally bans all use of megaphones, but there is a clause that allows westminster council to grant permission.

subject to noise level tests and various other criteria, the court victory means that brian will soon be able to use his megaphone for half an hour in the morning, half an hour in the early evening, and for a short while as tony blair drives past to face prime minister's question time. (although recent successful protests by barbara tucker and others have seen blair change route and enter by the back or underground).

indymedia will be there on brian's first day of amplification.

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