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Who's Lying? The police or the police.

Fit Watch | 25.01.2008 12:35 | Anti-racism | Policing | Repression | London

The scum can't have it both ways. Who's lying? Take your pick.

Either the police federation lied and the BNP were invited to their march. Or the Bronze Commander lied to Fit Watch.

Either the police federation's spokesperson Metin Enver was lying when he said “Some of my colleagues saw we had the BNP Mayoral candidate with us. The one thing we want to make clear is we didn't invite him. It wasn't a closed march. He chose to attend by his own accord which is his right in a democracy. It is disappointing if anyone chose to join the march for their own agenda.”

Or the Chief Inspector who was Bronze Command for the police march was lying when he asked for a Fit Watch member to be removed on the grounds that it was an “invitation only event, open only to police federation members, their families and friends.

So, here's the challenge Mr Policeman. When we answer bail in March, I dare you to take us to court. We can then cross examine the Chief Inspector and find out whether he lied, or whether the cops were happy to invite far right scum to take part in their demonstration.

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