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February - Fuck up a CCTV camera month

No CCTV Front | 24.01.2008 16:46 | Free Spaces | Other Press | Repression | London | World

The "Fuck CCTV Front " ahve said : February is fuck up a CCTV camera month.

The Fuck CCTV Front say :
"Fed up with being filmed, photographed, spied on and being recorded? Feel stalked by the State?
February is fuck up a CCTV camera month!
Wherever you can...{without being caught of course}...spray, smash, or otherwise fuck up CCTV cameras. Paste things onto them...point them at pointless things - use your imagination. Be creative. Anything goes. "
They say.

The author of this posting is not a member of the Fuck CCTV Front and is only passing on info for educational and research purposes. It is not my intention to incite or encourage any illeagl actions or beahaviour whatsoever and I accept no responsibility whatsoever for any actions or activiies carried out by any persons upon reading this information. It is only information.

No CCTV Front


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