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Kilroy- Slurry hit by a bucket of bullshit. by the Slik media attack possee

weapons of mass deception | 04.12.2004 11:06

MEP (mindless euro Puppet) and corporate news moron Kilroy-Slush gets down with some bio mass.
Financial Secretary and Bolton West MP Ruth Kelly was also hit.
He was just getting out of his car when a small geezer popped out from behind a juniper bussh with a bucket of fresh bullshit and quick as a flash The programme's host, Jonathan Dimbleby, later told the audience that the attack had been a great success for anti corporate media protesters as the MEP and his girl friend .had been covered from "head to toe"

Top media bullshitter is on the recieving end for a change this is what they want and this is what they need.
All MP's Moron Puppets should be regularly Slurried !!!!!
Yeah the programme was called "any questions" I guess this was someone who didn't get an invite but had a few questions that he would like to ask I certainly would like to ask a few questions but they never really talk about real issues.

weapons of mass deception