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Fox News' Ijaz Mansoor's Advice Killed WSJ Reporter Daniel Pearl

Tony Ryals | 01.12.2007 04:29

And that,(getting Daniel Pearl killed by his advice and contacts in Pakistan)),was at least hopefully unintentional.Worse yet is when this scumbag Ijaz actually bribes,(donates),to our elected officials to influence their political decisions including in Pakistan and the Middle East that could or has come BACK TO HAUNT US ALL. :

Mitt Romney,CIA James Woolsey:Fox News' Islamofascist Ijaz Mansoor's Advice Killed WSJ Reporter Daniel Pearl

If I were looking for an example of one who fit CNN's and Fox News' sensational term 'Islamofascist' it would be Ijaz Mansoor who was until recently a part of Rupert Murdoch's Fox disinformation ops. You know the kind - the ones Rupert Murdoch's Fox News gave unending free air time to - pre Iraq war - to mumble about Saddam's nukes and WMDS and even supposed UAV's or unmanned aerial vehicles Saddam was(ha)going to attack US WITH FROM HALF A WORLD AWAY ! And Jihad Manoor's business partner,ex CIA Director business partner James Woolsey,has done very well for himself and his Dyncorp,etc.,,war profiteering operations thanks to penny stock and war promoting shills such as Ijaz Mansoor.

Mansoor has even engraciated himself with far right Israeli and Jewish groups and propaganda machines such as Fox News and Bill Kristol,'s National Review that reminds one of NAZI propaganda of pre WWII.Both German Nazis and American fascists hide behind such patriotic sounding terms such as
'national' because they have discovered the power like wrapping themselves in the flag is a good way to
move and manipulate the masses to their own belligerant causes - just like religion is.

Below is from a recent far right cheering on the Pakistani American carpetbagger and briber of our politicians from questionable sources and sums of money who lobbies not for Americans - but to create policies favorable to the Saudi Arabian , Kuwaiti,Dubai,UAE and generally undemocratic Moslem elite in the Middle East to the detriment of the American population.

Just as his far right Jewish allies of National Review,like Rupert Murdoch and his Fox,lobby connive bribe and blackmail our politicians in favor of far right Israeli interests,so this corrupt securities scamster, Jihad Manoor with his U.S. political and CIA connections devotes himself to Middle East far right Islamic causes and stock scams .So in this sense strange as it seems there is reason to the insanity of right wing pro Israeli wingnuts lying with far right Saudi wingnuts like the bin Laden family or Adnan Khashoggi as well as the royals themselves such as the House of Saud or Al Sabah royaly of Kuwait - against us !

And Jihad Manoor's interests also lie with ex CIA James Woolsey and his ilk .Ijaz Mansoor's interests lie with Middle East monarchs and with the economically elite - not with their subjects and not to a secular society as Saddam's Iraq had become by comparison.Jihad Mansoor loves the 'freedom' of
soveriegn Islamic governments that allow him and his their 'freedom' to indulge in money laundering, arms trafficking and and international securities fraud and live it up in their elitist compounds safe from the masses. Three cheers for Dubai and international fraud ,Dick Cheney and Haliburton love their Dubai Homeland rights as well......

Recently the Mormon Republican Mitt Romney was confronted by far right Pakistani-American,Fox Middle East expert Ijaz Mansoor as to whether he(Mitt)would consider appointing a Moslem to his White House Cabinet.:


NRO Exclusive: Mansoor Ijaz Details His Exchange With Romney

I spoke with Mansoor Ijaz — author of a Christian Science Monitor op-ed asserting that Mitt Romney said he would not consider Muslims to work in his Cabinet — yesterday, and we conducted the following interview by e-mail.

Q: You came to attend the Mitt Romney fundraiser in Las Vegas/Henderson Nevada by making a contribution, correct? For $100? This was on November 17?

Ijaz: Correct. I was in Las Vegas on business, a colleague asked me if I had met the governor before, or would I like to meet him, and consistent with my views that it's best to understand where a candidate is on the issues by meeting them personally, I took the opportunity to go see the governor. I had not met him previously.


So Ijaz Mansoor decided to challenge Mormon Republican presidential candidate to a religious hypocrisy contest and simultaneously ask what no one in America dared ask until post 9/11.This is the same Jihad Manoor who is or was a Fox News Middle East 'expert' and like his Fox colleagues,Xybernaut penny stock con artist and first Jewish American Ambassador to an Islamic country,Marc Ginsberg,and Ollie North,who touted 'bullet proof vests' he never made in the 1990's but instead directed defrauded investors' money into his myriad offshore accounts,is also a professional penny stock con artist.
Although Ijaz Mansoor manipulates his and ex CIA Chief James Woolsey's pump and dump scam through the London AIM or Alternative Investment Market with their offshore accounts on the Isle of Man and probably Dubai,Oman,Monaco - or,with his own Middle Eastern,Pakistani etc. connections and those of his war profiteering partner James Woolsey with his CIA connections or Lieutenant General James Alan Abrahamson - just about anywhere in the world they please.

Mr.Jihad Manoor has bribed I mean given political donations to American politicians perhaps from money made through stock scams such as Crescent Hydropolis that lures investors on the promise of building an underwater hotel on the coast on Dubai - only to find after millions of Pounds are dumped into this worthless scam that no funds have been saved by the 'management' to do a building project. The 'company' is insolvent after dumping I mean selling so many worthless shares and pocketing unknown millions of dollars or pounds.

This money can fill Ijaz Mansoor's and ex CIA Chief Colby's offshore accounts or even be used to bribe or donate to influence our politicians in ways we never imagine or perhaps even to foment social upheaval or covert military ops around the globe.Or to pay expensive admission fees to campaign fund raising galas such as the Moron Republican Mitt Romney's in Las Vegas where he confronted Romney with the query as to whether Romney would have a Moslem in his Cabinet if elected President of the United States.Surely Mr.Romney could do a little background is to see who this scumbag is and that his $100 admission was probably paid through 'securities' fraud and convoluted offshore accounts.

Isn't that about how it works Mr.Jihad Manoor and ex DIA James Colby and General Abrahamson ? Does
Jihad Manoor work his stock scams on the U.S. penny stock market as well like we know James Woolsey does or does he specialize in the London AIM market to run his scams ? We know investors in Mansoor's ans ex CIA Woolsey's Great Britain or London based Crescent Hyropolis lost much or all their investment .But how much money did Ijaz Mansoor and James Woolsey make off the scam is what's unclear.How about some disclosure ! ? Is this how Ijaz and James Woolsey donate or bribe our U.S. politicians ? Is this how Jihad Manoor paid the $100 political donation fee to get into Mitt Romney's Las Vegas gathering andask whether Romney would appoint a Moslem to his Cabinet to begin with ? Did Mr.Ijaz donate to Romney's campaign with tainted funds ?

I wonder why Jihad Manoor would dare be involved with securities scams in the first place if he were the good Moslem he purports to be.Doesn'the know that penny stock frauds always entail a form of usary that his religion and he himself pretend to abhor !? As for his adversary Mitt Romney it should be acknowledged that many supposedly upright Mormons indulge in penny stock frauds against investors as well.

In many ways in my opinion Ijaz Mansoor,(friend and business partner to ex CIA Director James Woolsey whose Dyncorp and other U.S. funded government subsidized 'security' businesses have done so well post 9/11 and in the unending 'war on drugs' in Colombia and South America,etc.),is the man most responsible for the death of Jewish American WSJ reporter Daniel Pearl.After all it was James Woolsey's business partner who gave the Jewish journalist the Pakistani Al Qaeda and Islamic terrorist 'connections' that got him killed ! Why neither James Woolsy or his Pakistani-American business associate warned Daniel Pearlman that he was out of his mind to go as an American Jew to 'interview' far right Islamic fundamentalists in Pakistan is beyond me and make the idea of taking his advise in a U.S. presidential cabinet much less that of the war mongering war profiteer ex CIA Director Woolsey down right scary !

And that,(getting Daniel Pearl killed by his advice and contacts in Pakistan)),was at least hopefully unintentional.Worse yet is when this scumbag Ijaz actually bribes,(donates),to our elected officials to influence their political decisions including in Pakistan and the Middle East that could or has come BACK TO HAUNT US ALL. :

online news hour interview ijaz mansoor re daniel pearl

TERENCE SMITH: Last Wednesday in Karachi, an American journalist was headed for this restaurant when he disappeared. Daniel Pearl, the 38-year-old South Asia Bureau chief for The Wall Street Journal, was scheduled to meet a local source for an article on Richard Reid, the alleged "shoe bomber."

Then, over the weekend, these photos of Pearl were released to news organizations by a previously unknown group called the National Movement for the Restoration of Pakistani Sovereignty. The group charged that Pearl was a CIA Agent. The message complained about the American government's treatment of Pakistanis captured in the Afghan war, and now held in Cuba.

The group said in its e-mail it was holding Pearl "in very inhumane circumstances. "If the Americans keep our countrymen in better conditions, we will better the conditions of Mr. Pearl and all the other Americans that we capture."

Yesterday, in an unusual step, the CIA publicly denied that Pearl ever worked there. Dow Jones, the Journal's parent company, and the State Department have issued similar denials.

RICHARD BOUCHER, State Department Spokesman: We want to reiterate our view that he should be released immediately and unconditionally. He is a respected journalist, and he has no connection with the United States government.

TERENCE SMITH: The Pearl case has been raised at the highest levels. On Monday, Secretary of State Colin Powell urged Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to do everything possible to win the reporter's release. Investigators in Karachi suspect Pearl was kidnapped by the militant group Harakat ul-Mujahedeen. It has kidnapped foreigners in the past, and is linked to the al-Qaida network.

Pearl's disappearance
TERENCE SMITH: For more on the kidnapping, we go to Nafisa Hoodbhoy, who from 1984 to 2000 was a reporter for Pakistan's leading newspaper, Dawn, based in Karachi. She is an informal consultant to the Committee to Protect Journalists. And to Mansoor Ijaz, an investment banker and frequent op-ed columnist for international publications. His parents emigrated to the United States in 1960 from Pakistan shortly before he was born.

TERENCE SMITH: Welcome to you both. Mansoor Ijaz, you've been in touch, I understand, with Daniel Pearl, and even provided him with some contacts for sources among militant Islamic groups in Pakistan. Tell us about that.

MANSOOR IJAZ, Investment Banker: Shortly after the tragic events of September 11, Mr. Pearl called me from Bombay and said he had been made aware that I had some contacts with some of the either former associates of Osama bin Laden or some of the more radical Islamic groups in Pakistan, which I did from other things that I had done in that region. And he wanted to know whether or not I would be willing to introduce him to them.

And I spent about an hour with him in that first telephone call essentially trying to understand what story he wanted to pursue to make sure I wasn't unnecessarily putting him in harm's way, because these are not people who understand mistakes very well. And I was absolutely convinced of his integrity, his honesty, his approach, and I made those contacts available to him.


Although born and raised in America Ijaz Mansoor's ties and sympathies appear to lie elsewhere.Just like the the American patriots of Haliburton who moved their headquarters out of Houston,Texas and U.S. government jurisdiction and the supposed American democracy they hold so dear and encourage us to fight,die and go broke instituting in Iraq,then they move to Dubai in order to live in style with the benevolent Islamic monarch they do scum like Jihad Manoor and his CIA pal James Woolsey.For the American far right with Washington,D.C. connections and U.S. government money and contracts - Jihad Manoor is right -they would rather have fraud and corruption under a benevolent Dubai monarch trhan the democracy their corruption has helped to destroy in America.

Fitting that this Ijaz Mansoor,ex CIA Chief James Woolsey,Lt.General Abrahamson scam (on London's AIM or that is Great Britain's equivalent of the U.S. and NASDAQ's OTCBB penny stock market(now owned in part by Qatar Emir or Dubai),and notorious for fraud.

For all that is said of Mansoor's Democratic connections and bribes I mean donations to that Party it must be remembered Mansoor has since the emergence of the W Bush regime, been a propaganda instrument for the far right and war profiteering interests of the likes of his business partners Woolsey and

While setting up what looks like a pump and dump scam on the UK AIM or 'Alternative Investment Market' stock market along with international offshore accounts such as the Isle Of Man with his slimey partners such as ex CIA Chief and war profiteer James Woolsey he has issued himself a half million Pound(over a million dollars), salary off British investors scammed into giving these sleezebags their money.Even if James Woolsey and Ijaz Manoor ever build their 'Hydropolis' under water hotel off the shores of Dubai or anywhere else,one thing is certain,investors were ripped off doing it.

But it does(Hydropolis' planned Dubai location)show that Dubai has become a center and magnet for securities(as in stocks)and security or war criminals and profiteers post 9/11. Surley U.S. war contractors and petroleum traffickers such as Slick Dick Cheny's's Halliburton can't be locating there to live under the benevolent rule....of Dubai for his love of democracy can it ? Surely ex CIA Director Woolsey and his pal Pakistani-American businessman Ijaz Mansoor who bribe I mean donate so heavily to our U.S. politicians in order to win favor for their Middle Eastern hosts the ruling royalties of Dubai and the UAE Kuwait's,Qatar's,Saudi Arabia - all allies of the W Bush Regime !

With Democrats like Ijaz Manoor's who needs Republicans ? In fact fascist war criminals and profiteers might be closer to describing Mr.Mansoor's associates whether they be in the United States,in Pakistan or Dubai or the GB for that matter.Actually I believe James Woolsey although appointed to his CIA post by Bill Clinton was or is a Republican but in fairness both Republican and Democratic Congressmen have been very 'liberal' about encouraging and even directly profiting from securities and penny stock frauds.

It is not a question of do Americans want a Moslem on the U.S. or White House Cabinet but like John F Kennedy,the first and only Catholic president,it is a question of does the U.S. want or can it afford government officials elected or not to put their religion or another country the religion came from,etc.,directing U.S. politics and foreign policy !

Utah Senators Bob Bennett and Orin Hatch aid penny stock fraud as if doing so was one of the Mormon tenets written on that Mormon tablet found by Smith. The Angel Moroni must be an angel dedicated to U.S. penny stock fraud as far as they are concerned.Just ask Patrick Byrne and his billionaire Geico insurance billionaire daddy who have run their Overstock.con pump and dump scam out of Utah for years.They claim their shares are being 'naked shorted' or counterfeitted to distract from their own stock promotion scams and the corrupt SEC or Securities Exchange Commission Chairman Christopher Cox who has lyed to aid them and other scam companies also lied about WMDs in Iraq.Cox has also admitted to the news media that he receives monthly 'briefings' from the CIA who are themselves involved in fraudulent penny stock companies !

Daniel Pearl Part 2 Truth,Lies and the Legend....

Source Watch

The Journalist and The Terrorist

(Daniel Pearl and Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh)

NY Times:

March 16, 2007, 4:54 pm

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Omar Sheikh and Angelina Jolie

By Robert Mackey

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


PBS Interview Ijaz Mansoor re Daniel Pearl

Subject : ijaz mansoor pakistan isi spy daniel pearl


April 5, 1997: US Again Not Interested in Sudan’s Al-Qaeda Files
Mansoor Ijaz. [Source: Crescent Hydropolis Resorts publicity photo]The Sudanese government, frustrated in previous efforts to be removed from a US list of terrorism sponsors, tries a back channel approach using Mansoor Ijaz, a multimillionaire Pakistani-American businessman. Ijaz is personally acquainted with President Clinton, National Security Adviser Sandy Berger, and other high-level US officials. With help from Ijaz (who is also hoping to invest in Sudan), on April 5, 1997, Sudan President Omar al-Bashir writes a letter to Lee Hamilton, the ranking Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. It states, “We extend an offer to the FBI’s Counterterrorism units and any other official delegations which your government may deem appropriate, to come to the Sudan and work with [us] in order to assess the data in our possession and help us counter the forces your government, and ours, seek to contain.” This is a reference to Sudan’s extensive files on al-Qaeda gathered during the years bin Laden lived there, which the Sudanese had offered the US before (see March 8, 1996-April 1996). Sudan allows Ijaz to see some of these files. Ijaz discusses the letter with Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, Berger, and other prominent US officials, but to no success. No US official sends any reply back to Sudan. Tim Carney, US ambassador to Sudan, will complain, “It was an offer US officials did not take seriously.” ABC News will report in 2002 that the 9/11 Congressional Inquiry plans to investigate Sudan’s offer. Sen. Bob Graham (D), co-chairman of the inquiry, will ask, “Why wouldn’t we be accepting intelligence from the Sudanese?” But the inquiry’s 2003 final report will make no mention of this offer or other offers to hand over the files (see February 5, 1998; May 2000). (It should be noted the report is heavily censored so this might be discussed in redacted sections.) Hamilton, the recipient of the letter, will become the Vice Chairman of the 9/11 Commission. The Commission’s 2004 final report will fail mention Sudan’s offers and will fail to mention the direct involvement of the Commission’s Vice Chairman in these matters. [Vanity Fair, 1/2002; ABC News, 2/20/2002]
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