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ALF, ARM & Countryside Resistance

UK | 25.04.2008 01:50 | Animal Liberation | Ecology

23rd/24th March


anonymous communique:

"To give World Week For Lab animals a good start, the ALF were out spreading the good news.

Unfortunately, Novartis director Kevin White at 3 Pipson Close, Yateley, Hampshire, GU46 6JL forgot to leave us much to work with, so after the standard package - sloganeering of windows, doors and walls; glueing of locks - we had to improvise. Fortunately we green-fingered types noticed that his daffodil border looks a lot nicer when redistributed around his whole garden. We hope Kev likes our flower arranging.

Novartis employee Christopher Golunski of Carthena Drive, Fleet, Hampshire, GU52 7SF was far more sporting, displaying his car under a very handy floodlight. An 'ALF classic' was duly administered.

Until next time...


received anonymously:

"There are some that would have dominion over England’s pastureland, claiming to be its guardian but enslaving some animals for food, and hunting others for leisure. They must be resisted!

shooting signs have been ripped from their posts

2 pheasant were pens were destroyed :- water hoppers cut, electricity lines chopped, fencing torn and poles ripped from the ground and broken, main water supply and tubing sabotaged, locks glued on entrance gates, feeders removed and dismantled

tyres were slashed on a land rover that visibly displayed support for the shooting lobby

Don’t let these scum get away with murder in the name of countryside ‘conservation’.

The Countryside Resistance"


anonymous communique:

"That disgusting piece of scum Tristian Roberts might get a little
surprise when he opens his post, paint and bricks through the windows
are going to be the least of his worries.

Triss's address is:

29 Sutton Estate
Burnham Market
King's Lynn
PE31 8EX

He seems to think that it's ok to torture and kill innocent animals,
and that mutilating a pregnant sheep with pitchforks and fence posts
before dumping the body in a wheelie bin is just a bit of Saturday
night fun. You may get off lightly in the courts because of your age,
but we'll make sure justice is done.

We don't just target vivisection all forms of animal abuse are
equally wrong.

Animal Rights Militia"


onymous report:

"Oops we accidentally squirted super glue into the locks at a butchers
store in Hull, how clumsy of us.

Have fun opening the locks on your shutters, might need a drill
rather than a key though.

In solidarity with the actions against butchers at Norwich market
earlier in the month.

Yorkshire ALF"


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