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ALF torch Staples trucks

Animal Liberation Front | 25.04.2008 15:50 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | World

Reported: April 25, 2008 - USA

anonymous communique:

"Sunday 4/20/2008

An incendiary device was left under a Staples delivery truck in Garden Grove, CA.
We did this due to Staples continued support of Huntingdon Life Sciences (the notorious animal murder and torture laboratories). Unmarked Staples trucks have been spotted making deliveries to the HLS lab in the UK. Trying to sneak in with unmarked vans... shame on you Staples executives. Now you have to think about this, do you, as a company with stores and warehouses filled with paper, want to take a stand against those of us who are notorious for bringing fire???
DO THIS: Cut your ties with HLS.

A note to activists out there: If Staples doesn't cut those HLS ties lets get busy eh? Those stores are everywhere. KEEP THE PRESSURE ON HLS! We can and will shut them down.


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