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Support Greek Conscientious Objector at high risk to be jailed (again)!

Greek CO | 08.12.2004 01:11 | Anti-militarism | London | World

We are asking you to send protest letters (or to protest at greek embassies) in order to support Greek Conscientious Objector at high risk to be jailed AGAIN!

Greek CO Lazaros Petromelidis, 42 years old, has a new trial on December 16th. He is acused for two draft evasions (1999 & 2003). Between September and November there were 4 attempts to arrest him. Lazaros Petromelidis has been persecuted since 1992 when he declared his conscientious objection (before the recognition of the right in 1997). He is refusing to serve a PUNITIVE alternative social service (by 1998 when he was called he had to do 30 months away from his home instead of 4 months military service as a father). He has been passed through a dozen of trials, has been jailed 3 times and he is already sentenced to a 20 months suspended sentence.
>If he appears to the court, to ask to postpone the trial, they can arrest him for more recent draft evasions.
>If he doesn't appear, they can sentence him without beeing there. That means that he will not have the right to appeal. And that means that automatically the suspension of his previous sentence (20 months)will be cancelled and that they will search him to imprison him for 20 months + the new sentence tha he will receive.
>Lazaros Petromelidis is at high risk. Please send protest letters to:

Mr. Kostas Karamanlis, Prime Minister of Greece Maximos Mansion (‘Megaro Maximou’)
19, Herodou Attikou str
GR-106 74 Athens

Greek CO
- e-mail: