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Identity Cards Propaganda on Channel 4 - please complain

Ricky Rick | 02.03.2007 20:11 | Repression

I am disgusted to have just seen a half hour programme on Channel 4 hosted by Charles Clarke where he made the case for why we need identity cards. The programme offered no arguments against their introduction beside a brief interview with the face of Liberty.

The show was called 'The Insider' and was broadcast at 7.30 on Channel 4 today - March 2nd.

You can complain to Channel 4 here;,Kb=C4_Author,Company={2EA1BB9C-510E-44A5-A481-01EB1DDA1669},T=CONTACT_VE,VARSET_TITLE=General#

You can complain to Ofcom here

Ricky Rick


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  1. and get a shave — fukoff clarke
  2. Elucidate s'il vous plait — said confucious
  3. do PLEASE complain! the program was a fucking disgrace — couch tatty
  4. Chakrabati — It looked like an edit
  5. Can anyone spewtube it? — Silent Bob
  6. BitTorrent file here, for those who want to see it — Torrent Here
  7. Sorry, that didn't work — Torrent not working, I'm afraid