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Saturday in Copenhagen - Timeline - Demonstration at 14!

Modkraft | 03.03.2007 12:39 | Free Spaces

The day after even more riots, barricades and fighting friday night the police has now searched several locations in Copenhagen and arrested everyone present. Parts of Anarchist Black Cross has been arrested and also a highschool has been searched. A demonstration will start in 2 locations at 14:00 and meet at 15:00 from when it will move on as one to Norrebro

Demonstration in Copenhagen today at 15:00 on Townhall square Rådhuspladsen arranged by "Citizens supporting Ungdomshuset". The demonstration is legally announced to the police and it is possible to participate in smaller demonstrations to the demonstration at 14:00 from Enghaveplads and Christiania. At Rådhuspladsen there will be speeches, music and party and after this the demonstration will parade to Sankt Hans Torv where there will be served soup, coffee and cake

More and more people are supporting Ungdomshuset. The organisation "Citizens supporting Ungdomshuset" gets a raising number of members every day supporting a Ungdomshus in Copenhagen. "We get new members in our organisation every single day. And it has also continued the last couple of days" says spokesperson to His estimate is that there is around 670 persons in the group today.

The group Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) has informed that they have created a new phone-line for information. The groups encourages people who know about arrested or injured activists to call on 26 56 31 06

A neighbour to "Bumzen" in Baldersgade tells that the police has arrested 42 people on the adress. They are still searching the police. During the action the police has used tear gas and smashed doors and windows. The police doesn't wish to comment on the actions this morning, but according to 6-8 places have been searched by police and writes that between 80-90 have been arrested. The police furthermore informs us that they are targeting all foreigners to get them arrested and brought out of the country. It is still unknown that they will be charged with

Parts of the group ABC, who is helping imprisoned activists, have been arrested at the police actions this morning. The police has taken the group's paperwork and phone.

According to sources the police has searched the highschool "Det Frie" on Mollegade, the "solidarity house" on Griffenfeldsgade, the "People's House" in Folkets Park and Bumzen in Baldersgade.

Same sources inform us that the police is now leaving the highschool and the "People's house". In the "solidarity house", which have a shop and several organisation, arrests have been made

It is rumoured that the police is searching a number of places in Copenhagen. The police has been spotted by "People's house" and the highschool "Det Frie"

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03.03.2007 17:12

The citizens group supporting Ungdomshuset has ended the demonstration. The leaders of the demonstration encouraged as a last thing the demonstrators to enjoy themselves and give each other a hug.

Sources on the spot says that people are still there chilling in small groups. There is also still music.

17:31 is at this time one of the biggest internetmedias in Denmark. The eviction of Ungdomshuset has made the numbers of visitors raise drastically making one of the biggest news portals in the country.
No less the 67.867 individuel visitors since 1st march. The normal amount is 22.622 in march

The demonstration is now at its final destination Norrebropark. The demonstration has been peaceful with paroles as "Hands off Ungeren"

The police stayed away but there was however a lot of cops when the demonstration passed Jagtvej to prevent the demonstrators from suddenly turning down towards Ungdomshuset

A person has been detained for 27 days for participating in the riots on Norrebro the night before saturday. 10-15 persons who were arrested last night has just arrived at the court. They will be presented in court the next couple of hours

Friday around midnight a 100 people participated in a torch parade in Århus (second biggest city in Denmark). Activists from the city informs that there after this was made fires in the streets and burned containers in solidarity with Ungdomshuset

Activists demonstrated in Horsens today (in Jutland) protesting the eviction of Ungdomshuset. The demonstration gathered around 30 people and was peaceful. The demonstrators carried around noon a cuffin with the words "cultural murder" through town

The demonstration in Copenhagen has now reached the corner of Blågårdsgade. On one of the houses on Åboulevarden is hanging a banner saying: Defend Ungdomshuset". Everything is calm

The demonstration has now reached the Norrebro part of Åboulevarden. It is watch carefully by police with a helicopter over the in the air

The demonstration on Rådhuspladsen (townhall square) has just started moving. In front is a banner saying "Defend the free spaces" and with very small letters it is written "If you can read this cop you are too close"

The demonstration has growned during the hour it has been on the square. Sources say that it has all been very calm and with a good mood
A representative from Ungdomshuset encouraged in a speech to continue the fight for a youth house and to think of the many in prison. There was a lot of applause in the demonstration

Johan Olsen from the band Magtens Korridorer (big band - opened Orange stage on the Roskilde festival 2006) protested that the police has asked people to stay away from this legal demonstration
"that is not okay" he said

The route of the demonstration has been changed by the police. It is now moving out on Åboulevarden and end in Norrebropark

Around 20 people were around noon arrested at the "street room" on Norrebro in connection with the police chasing activists in different locations. The police destroyed during the action, which happened around 9 this morning, 5 doors to the place. According to eyewitnesses the arrested, who were all foreigners, lead out around 13.30. Before the police left the place they took photographs of everyone present and videofilmed them. The arrested were told to put on hoods or caps if they had any before being photographed

Activists have started an initiative to bomb Ritt Bjerregard (mayor of Copenhagen) with letters. They are encouraging people to send letters or mails to the mayor. "It is now it has to be clear to her that we all support the existence of Ungdomshuset and that we want a political solution", writes the people behind the initiative in a public statement

The demonstration on Rådhuspladsen has growned. There is now around 2000 people present, a source at the place estimates

The demonstration on Rådhuspladsen has started. There is now around 1500 people there a source estimates. The police is present but stays away.

Around a 100 people has been arrested during the police actions today. The police is saying that the actions were arranged because of "information stating that the people concerned had participated in or planned riots". Ungdomshuset calls the action a campaign to provoke fear among activists.

The organisation "Opror" (Revolt) has suspended their yearly conference/meeting to participate in the demonstration this afternoon to support Ungdomshuset
– We are doing this because we support the idea of more free spaces and areas, says Jens Henneberg

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translation of

03.03.2007 18:51

Mange tak for oversattningen til engelsk af!

Many thanks from all weak or non Danish readers for the translation!



03.03.2007 20:26

The information for activists and people who has traveled or is travelling to Copenhagen has been troubled by the many arrests and police action during saturday, writes the informationgroup that is responsible for the infopoints.
There is still an infopoint and café in Kafa-X in Korsgade (next to Blågårdsgade) and during the night an infopoint will also open again in Demos on Sankt Hans Torv.
The arrest of many members of Anarchist Black Cross ABC means that the infopoints on Vesterbro and Christiania (in the infocafé) have been closed and will stay so for a while.

The info phones are still working and the group writes that it is still able to help finding places to sleep for visitors.
The group also says that there will be a people's kitchen tonight in Folkets Hus (The People's House) in Griffenfeldsgade

Activists in Aalborg (Jutland) and Svendborg (Fyn) spend the night between friday and saturday expressing their solidarity with Ungdomshuset. In Aalborg barricades were build while in Svendborg windows were broken in "Danish Bank", the policestation and the public jobcenter

4 people more were detained for 27 days and one person was released after last night riots. This was decided in Copenhagen citycourt tonight. Persons who were arrested between friday and saturday are presented in two courtrooms in the citycourt this evening [In denmark this has to be done within 24 hours]. The arrested are being presented in court in teams of 5 to 7 people at a time. Right now the citycourt is trying to open more courtrooms to settle the many cases where the people is asking for people to be detained for longer than the allowed 24 hours after the eviction of Ungdomshuset

20:31 - Göteborg
In Göteborg in west of sweden there has also been a demonstration in solidarity with Ungdomshuset. 40 people were gathered on a square and enjoyed Swedish hardcore punk and soul - the attack on Ungdomshuset is a attack on everyone who wants spaces for alternativ politic and culture, writes one of the demonstrators in a mail to

The People's Radio is giving radiotime for the activists from Ungdomshuset. This happens tomorrow sunday between 12.00-14.00 on 106,3 FM. The initiative is completely legal and not as earlier written a new illegal radio. The people behind the radio is encouraging people to send information about the protests. This can be done on the their webpage or on the phone 27 97 12 55. The radio is trying to find out if it can provide more radiotime but has to coordinate it with the radio of Norrebro who is using the same frequency. [It is not known if there will be any english information or if the radio will be streamed on the internet, by translator]

19:36 - Wien
In Vienna a demonstration in solidarity with Ungdomshuset has went through the city at about same time as the demonstration around Copenhagen was moving.
The demonstration in Vienna started in one of the big commercial streets of the city and went to the danish embassy in the center of town. In front of the embassy there was speeches and throwned bombs of paint at the embassy. There was around 100 demonstrators and 20 dogs and it was all followed closely by the police.
Demonstrators yelled: Ungdomshuset bleibt. The demonstration ended at 18.00

Also in the second biggest city of norway, Bergen, a demonstration was arranged today. There was around 100 participating. The demonstration went from the trainstation to the danish consulate and down to the inner city where a demonstrator informs us that they blocked the trafic.

114 people were released from prison around 17.15 today. They had all been arrested the night between friday and saturday during the riots that occured during a demonstration on Sankts Hans Torv. At present time 113 people are detained and 13 foreigners have been thrown out the country. Just today 130 were arrested during a police action on a number of adresses in Copenhagen. Of these around half was foreigners. [some of these places have made danish public statements stating that the police destroyed a LOT more than neccesary to enter and search the buildings, by translator]

According to sources close to some of the arrested, many of the detained are in the asylum camp Sandholmslejren (north of Copenhagen). According to the source it is some of the activists that were arrested thursday.

The police is at the moment checking the identities of a lot of people on Norrebrogade by Runddelen, close to Jagtvej and Ungdomshuset. According to an eyewitness the police is searching bags and pockets on randomly selected people walking by. The witness says, that the police are positioned in the streets around the area pointing out people that seem suspecious or are caring suspecious bags.

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03.03.2007 20:30

Hey, no Ungdomshuset isn't located on Christiania but a part of town around 15 minutes away on a bike/car. However there has been a lot of riots close and around Christiania too.

I will see if I have time to edit a map and publish it later. Remember GoogleEarth can be a gift!

Hopefully there will be time for some translations of articles from modkraft later too.

Saturday night seem calm so far...!

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03.03.2007 23:50

[Sorry this update has been stolen from who also translated from the timeline from - this might leave time for translating some articles - full credit to!]

150 people are moving from Storkespringvandet in the centre of Copenhagen to Norrebro. Infront there's a Christiania bike playing music and the atmosphere is good.

The police are searching and arresting people in and around Norrebros Rundde, Modkraft's reporter reports.

the demonstration has dissolved and people are walking quietly towards town.

The rest of the demonstration is now about 50 people. They're walking on Meinungsgade in the direction of Norrebrogade. By Norrebrogade and Stefensgade there's another group of demonstrators, about 70 to 80 people. Bragesgade is no longer blocked by the police.

Demonstrators walk at Bragesgade and at Mimersgade. The police have blocked it so the only way the demonstrators can walk is in the direction of inner norrebro down Mimersgade. The police are blocking all the sidestreets with their vehicles.

The police are getting closer to the 150-200 demonstrators that are left at the corner of Bragesgade/Norrebrogade. The police are getting out of their cars and walking towards the demonstrators.

The police have announced the demonstration to be over. People must now leave the area of Norrebrogade. Some demonstrators are moving away, the rest are remaining.

The atmosphere is tense at Norrebrogade between police and demonstrators. The police have sent in their vehicle with police dogs to the area, and have blocked the traffic at norrebrogade.

There was thrown a firework at Norrebrogade during the street party. 300 people are moving towards Norrebros Runddel, where there is a massive police presence who are trying to keep the people back. The atmosphere is tense.

There's about 200 people outside cafe Castro and Norrebrogade, close to Norrebrohallen, where there's going to be a street party tonight. The police are present in large numbers and are searching people and looking through their bags.

At Norrebrogade by Stefanskirken two young girls are walking around handing out green leaves flyers (?) - possibly celery - with the words "thank you for supporting Ungdomshuset, it's not everyone who is throwing rocks".

Several people arrested have not had food for more than 20 hours, sources who are present at the court tell Despite this family and friends have had difficulties giving them their homemade sandwiches.

Tomorrow, Sunday 4th March, there is a demonstation to support Ungdomhuset in Norway, Trondheim. This takes place outside the Danish Consulate, on Munkegaten.

Another five people are being held for 27 days. These are five high school students who were all arrested on the nights of Friday and Saturday under suspicion of having thrown car tyres into the street.

There is a street party tonight at 22:00 at Norrebrohallen. They're saying "the fight has just started, we're taking Ungdomshuset back and participants are being encouraged to bring noisey stuff".

35 to 40 German activists have blocked highway A7. The highway is from Jutland to Hamburg. It blocked the road for half an hour before police showed up. All activists disappeared and escaped the police.

A citizens group has been created at Christianshavn to prevent more destruction and violence that hit the area. The initiative is in cooperation between Christiania and citizen groups at Christianshaven. Tonight at 24:00 citizens will patrol the area with white flags and try to disuade trouble makers from starting riots.

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