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Benefit night for Boomchucka Circus (aka circus2iraq)

fisheye | 18.05.2006 23:21 | Anti-racism | Culture | Repression | London

Roll up, roll up, roll up!!! For one night only you can run away with the circus!

The Big Event!
The Big Event!

If you are allowed out for the night please come along and support us again!!!and pass this on to all your friends.
As you can see here at we had an amazing time in Palestine and Israel, please help us to do it again.
Much love and Boomchuckas to all our brilliant friends and supporters and please buy your tickets in advance from Ruth (her number's on the flyer) or from Sheila (

Thanks in advance: it's going to be a Boomchuckincorkerofanight!!!! with
extra clownz

- Homepage: http://www.circus2iraq.irg