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Report from Monday's Blockade of Faslane Nuke Base

No Nukes | 07.08.2002 11:34 | Peace not War

Report from the first day's blockade.

On Monday 5th August Faslane Activists from Trident Ploughshares used non-violent direct action to blockade the entrances to the Faslane naval base on the Clyde, home to the UK government’s nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

This included six arrests and begins the two week long annual international disarmament camp at the nuclear bases near Glasgow. At 6.40am today, the South gate at Faslane was closed by peace protesters and within twenty minutes the North gate was closed as well.

One of the protesters, Joss Garman, explained why people were blocking the base entrance, “We are trying to cause the maximum disruption to the base where mass murder on an unimaginable scale is being planned. Trident is illegal under International law, it is immoral and it is a complete waste of resources. Today at this moment, thousands of innocent people are starving to death from Famine in Southern Africa as our government spends £1.5 billion per year on this weapons system.”

The protest ended at about 10.30am. By this time Ivor Birnie, Robert Gibbs, Sylvia Boyes, Barbara Sutherland, Kirsty McNab and Lesley Anderson, had been arrested for allegedly breaching the peace.

On Tuesday 6th, the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima and also the anniversary of the day that the UN imposed comprehensive sanctions on Iraq, Trident Ploughshares joined together with ‘Voices in the Wilderness’ to send a clear message to the government -

No Nukes


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