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Hijab is not a piece of clothes, but the flag of women rightlessness

Worker communist Party of Iran | 28.02.2007 19:14 | Culture | Gender | Repression | World

Women rightlessness is a characteristic of today unequal world. In many countries, women are officially and lawfully deprived even from the little rights that men enjoy.

Also in more progressive countries, despite the progressions that has been made thanks to struggle and fights of progressive movements to abolish the discrimination and for Equality of men and women, still economic inequality and man chauvinist traditions in the context of Capitalist system deprive women from the equal rights with men.

But in Islamic-ridden countries and Islamic environments, the women life is a daily nightmare. It is 27 years in Iran that women are challenging one of the most misogynist governments of the history, who was written the rightlessness of women on its flag. After coming to the power of Political Islam in Iran, Hijab was forced on women and with that, women were, officially and lawfully, deprived from many citizen rights. Since then, struggle to abolish Hijab is on the top list of demands of Women’s liberation movement in Iran.

Hijab is a symbol for women rightlessness. Wherever there is Hijab, whether lawful or due to traditions, whether compulsory or “selective”, women lacks the same equal value as men. Hijab bears with itself a list of deprivations and compulsions. With Hijab, women doesn’t have an independent identity, she is only wife, sister, mother and etc, she is deprived from many jobs, she should refrain from presenting in many places and events, she is not to socialize with opposite sex, she doesn’t enjoy the same hereditary share, she doesn’t have the right to divorce, …. That’s why Hijab is a symbol for women slavery. Hijab is not a piece of clothes. Hijab is the flag of Sexual Apartheid. Wherever there is Hijab, oppression against women is unavoidable. Wherever Hijab grows, there would be more space for unequal approach to human, women and children rightlessness, and alienation of different groups. That’s why struggle against Hijab is of outmost importance. It should be so for everyone and in everywhere.

With Political Islam growing all over the world, the women rightlessness has also found more global dimensions. Now, women and girls rightlessness in Islamic environments is a bitter reality all over the world. Hijab has become a undeniable social problem in many western countries as well. Political Islam has now become a movement as vast as the world and its problems are now International, too.

As Political Islam has gave its movement, International dimensions, the struggle against misogynist laws and traditions, like struggle for emancipation from Hijab, has also found its international dimensions. In this struggle, libertarian women and men of Iran, because of facing one of the most strong and reactionary misogynist governments, are in the first ranks of emancipation from Sexual Apartheid and specially abolishment of Hijab. That’s why support for struggle against Hijab in Iran is of International importance. Struggle for getting rid of compulsory Hijab and Sexual Apartheid Laws in Iran deserves most of supports. Join us in this struggle. Participate in the events of Abroad Organization of Worker-communist Party of Iran on the occasion of 8th of March.

Long Live International Solidarity to abolish oppression against women
Strength to struggle for getting rid of Hijab
Long Live 8th of March, International Women’s day

Worker communist Party of Iran- abroad organization
21st of February, 2007

Worker communist Party of Iran


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