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Two Pensioners Spend Two Hours Inside Nuclear Weapons Storage Base

Slarti | 05.09.2007 06:48 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

Two pensioners this morning spent over two hours inside RNAD Coulport, where Britain's Trident nuclear warheads are stored. Joan Meredith, who will be 78 next week, and Irene Willis, 62, entered Coulport shortly after midnight and were only arrested at 0230 when they approached police on the main gate from the inside.

They were part of the Serious Organised Crime Investigation and Prevention Team, which yesterday conducted two inspections of the neighbouring Faslane Naval Base. They were released at 6 am to Faslane Peace Camp, having been charged with breach of the Faslane, Coulport and Rhu Narrows Byelaws.

Joan said "The Trident system is the ultimate form of state violence and a threat to the whole human race. I'm sure there will be security reviews at Faslane and Coulport today --- it's a shame they will focus only on the narrow issue of keeping people out of fences and not on the greater threat to all our security posed by our ongoing possession and deployment of nuclear weapons."

Irene added "How can the Government expect citizens to obey the law when they are blatant in disregard for the fundamental of International Humanitarian Law themselves?"

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  1. omg yes we need a lot more of this — jim