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Cambridge Uncut comes out in defence of the NHS

Cambridge Uncut | 29.05.2011 21:34 | Health | Public sector cuts | Cambridge

On the afternoon of Saturday, 28th May 2011, as part of a national day of action around 40 activists from Cambridge UkUncut donned surgical costumes and occupied several banks around Cambridge in protest against the government’s austerity cuts to the NHS as well as highlighting the figures that had been spent bailing out the banks.

After gathering outside the Guildhall we began with a noisy parade through the Grand Arcade shopping centre and continued out to Natwest on St. Andrew’s Street at around 1.30pm, which shut its doors before anyone could enter and remained closed as we sang and made speeches outside (including one of us with an Andrew Lansley mask representing the ‘listening exercise’ who explained the was in which the workers feedback on the proposed changes had been ignored.)

"Lansley is trying to privatize the NHS through the back door and this is at best devious and at worse sinister & corrupt. We must hold the banks accountable for the financial crisis and now the NHS is being devastated by £20bn, which could be stopped if the government reclaimed the money spent bailing out the banks. 80-100,000 jobs will be lost, hospitals will close and people will suffer largely – these cuts must be stopped.”, Lucy Hamilton

“Cambridgeshire County Council did also say that ‘cuts of these proportions will put people’s lives at risk’. We also believe that contrary to ministers promises, these cuts are targeting the most vulnerable and most in need, such as the disabled, mentally ill, children and the elderly.”, Ebenezer Smith

We then moved briefly onto Lloyds where there were more speeches & singing, and many conversations with supportive customers & passers by who they leafletted out the front of the bank. After this we continued onto the Barclays on Market Square where some aggressive security guards did not deter a choir singing the now famous Andrew Lansley Rap by Mc NxtGen (see footage). The Uncutters were here joined by members of the activist group The Love Police who expressed their solidarity and did speeches outside Barclays over the megaphone. The final bank that we went to was Halifax on Petty Cury, which closed its doors as activists congregated outside and engaged members of the public in discussion about the proposed reforms, many of whom were supportive of our action. Finally, we moved decided to move within the Grand Arcade outside Vodafone, the first target of UkUncut last year, before dispersing.

"Andrew Lansley has avoided at least two meetings with the public and has not even been availiable to his own constiuents, the people who elected him to this vital role, some of whom are here today. How can he call this a 'listening exercise' when he isn't listening to the public he should be primarily accountable for?", Clara O'Toole

With high spirits all round, both at the level of support we recieved from the public and the lack of any police presence, we set about planning our next action - which, if anyone wants to be involved in they can contact us at

Cambridge Uncut
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