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Rossport: The Pipe Film Screenings

for rossport | 29.05.2011 14:47 | Ecology | Ocean Defence | Social Struggles

'The Pipe', a documentary film which charts the battle between the tiny village of Rossport and the Oil Giant Shell, is coming to cinemas in the UK.

The film is also available for screenings at social centres, gatherings and festivals.


Having played to packed houses in Toronto, New York, Boston, Amsterdam and Berlin, and won critical acclaim internationally, this controversial new documentary by first time filmmaker Risteard Ó Domhnaill will screen at a number of selected cinemas around the UK in late May/early June.

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If you would like to show it at a social centre, gathering or festival please get in touch:


The film follows this small fishing community in the West of Ireland, as it is torn apart by a proposed Shell pipeline which could bring economic prosperity or destroy a way of life shared for generations.
As pressure from the Irish government and Shell mounts, five local men go to jail, the community descends into infighting over compensation, the local headmistress goes on hunger strike and one lone fisherman is all that stands between the worlds largest pipelaying ship - The Solitaire - and a way of life shared for generations.

Variety calls the film "first rate", Screen Daily says it is "engrossing and provocative...a fascinating and challenging film".

Indywire: The premise is reminiscent of Bill Forsyth’s 1983 comedy "Local Hero," in which an American oil company faces cultural clashes with the inhabitants of a Scottish village. In "Local Hero" the dynamics could be played for laughs, but in "The Pipe" the real-life stakes have dire consequences. The film plunges us into violent clashes between protesters and police. As tensions mount, the community divides over how to confront Shell. The conflict widens to draw in Catholic priests and even the Irish political leader, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern.

We have won the Irish Film and Television Awards, the Celtic Media Festival, CIRCOM (association of European Regional Broadcasters (300 in all), Galway International Film Fleadh (best doc), Foyle film Festival (best doc), Boston Irish Film Festival (best doc), Wurzburg Film Festival & Arizona Film Festival (best doc), South Korea Green Film Festival (best film), International Documentary Festival
Amsterdam (honorable mention), Washington Environmental Film Festival (Opening night film).

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