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Day of action for imprisoned Korean unionists

KCTU | 15.01.2002 17:00

Reposted from KCTU website. Perhaps people could at least write letters to the Korean embassy or President (and Nobel prize winner!) Kim Dae-jung or find some other way of showing solidarity. If only British union leaders were this brave.

January 15, 2002

Tell the Korean Government
"Release KCTU President Dan Byung-ho,
KCTU-KMWF President Mun Sung-hyun
and All Imprisoned Workers in Korea"

KCTU Calls for An International Day of Action on January 22, 2002

The Korean Confederation of Trade Unions in conjunction with the its metal workers affiliatef (KMWF), the International Metalworkers Federation (IMF), and the Southern Initiative on Globalisation and Trade Union Rights (SIGTUR), makes this appeal for an international day of action for the release of imprisoned trade unionists in Korea.

We call on all friends to take action so that trade unionists in jail in Korea can be with their family and fellow workers in the new year. February 12 is new year's day by the Lunar Calendar. In Korea, it is a day when families gather together to reflect on the past year, give thanks to ancestors, and celebrate. Our hope is that all the imprisoned workers, including the KCTU President Dan Byung-ho and KCTU-KMWF President Mun Sung-hyun, are released, to join their loved ones.

Suggested actions on January 22, 2002

Protest demonstration in front of the Korean Embassies (or consulates)
Delivery of protest letter to the Embassies (or consulates)
Union meetings to speak about the situation of imprisonment and repression of workers in Korea
Reach out to other organisations - other trade unions, human rights groups, etc.
Associate with the KCTU initiative to table a complaint on violation of freedom of association with the International Labour Organisation.
Let us know of your plans for action (before Jan. 22) so that they receive due public attention in Korea.(And send us photos of your action as soon as possible.)
In order to help various activities, the KCTU and the KMWF have produced a video documenting the repression meted out to workers by the Korean government.

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